"Crossing $1M in Revenue - heading for $2M in 2023 - with Natty Bandasak" | Episode 525

In this episode, I get to talk to the amazing Natty Bandasak of New Jersey.

Natty was a recent finalist in the CEO competition we held at PPM LIVE and in this one we talk about Natty's biggest takeaways and what he learned from PPM LIVE that he is going to implement into his already successful business.

Specifically, we turn the conversation to managing staff, scorecards, how to know when it's time for staff to leave as well as some of the big decisions Natty has made to get him to the point he is today.

Enjoy the show.


All of the details of the upcoming Financial skills workshop are here: www.paulgough.com/finance (we will be in Orlando, Dublin, and Sydney)

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