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How Do You Measure Physical Therapy Online Marketing Success?

How much do you invest each month in your physical therapy clinic’s online marketing? What practices are you using to increase your clinic’s online marketing success?

And how do you know if they are working?

During the pandemic, while many physical therapists lessened their online presence and marketing strategy, I made a commitment to invest in my clinic’s digital marketing even during the shutdown.

The result:

In the middle of England’s lockdown, my own physio clinic generated 59 new paid leads in just one month- and all of them came to us from our online marketing campaigns.

For full disclosure – I have an “unfair” advantage – that being a team of 13 experts doing this for me.

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These results defy what the typical clinic owner would ever believe is possible, especially  in a country that was deeply locked down.

But it’s not just me that it’s happening to…

Seems the surge in patients that are looking for physio clinics is happening literately, all over the world. The tide really is starting to turn for PT clinics.

Take a look at some of the success my clients have achieved after stepping up their online marketing in their physical therapy practices:

July 2022:

  • Jamie Bovay – KinetikChain Denver – Denver, CO: 16 Calls, 36 Conversion Actions, 3,352,894 Impressions, ($2,090 Ad Spend)
  • Cody Barnett – Bodyworx Physical Therapy – Wichita, KS, 17 Calls, 16 Conversion Actions, 395,850 Impressions, ($660 Ad Spend)
  • Darren Beilstein – PT NOW – Newport News, VA, 15 Calls, 12 Conversion Actions, 1,010,410 Impressions, ($906 Ad Spend)
  • Ellora Maggs – Peak Performance Care – Sonora, CA, 26 Calls, 12 Conversion Actions, 3,379 Impressions, ($804 Ad Spend)
  • Jesse Cozean – PelvicSanity – Laguna Hills, CA, 29 Calls, 29 Conversion Actions, 18,324 Impressions, ($2,957 Ad Spend)

June 2022:

  • Ashley Hornsby – Thrive Physical Therapy – Lake Charles, LA, 20 Calls, 12 Conversion Actions, 4,803 Impressions, ($1,123 Ad Spend)
  • Ellen Tomsic – Tomsic Physical Therapy – Durango, CO, 29 Calls, 32 Conversion Actions, 2006 Impressions, ($798 Ad Spend)
  • Todd Houghton – Houghton Physical Therapy – Attleboro, MA, 25 Calls, 19 Conversion Actions, 2,499 Impressions, ($614 Ad Spend)
  • Jesse Cozean – PelvicSanity – Laguna Hills, CA, 32 Calls, 42 Conversion Actions, 16,853 Impressions, ($3,022 Ad Spend)
  • Mikell McLaury – Sports Physical Therapy – Bellevue, WA, 88 Calls, 5 Conversion Actions, 5,099 Impressions, ($602 Ad Spend)

May 2022:

  • Jennifer Penrose – Penrose & Associates Physical Therapy – Rochester, WA, 33 calls, 11 conversion actions, 32,204 impressions, ($652 ad spend)
  • Mikell McLaury – Sports Physical Therapy – Bellevue, WA, 65 calls, 7 conversion actions, 5,125 impressions, ($572 ad spend)
  • Sydney Adams –  Idaho Spine and Sport – Boise, ID, 15 calls, 26 conversion actions, 5,428 impressions, ($604 ad spend)
  • Scott Van Neikerk – Wholistic Physical Therapy – Brewster, NY, 19 calls, 9 conversion actions, 8,922 impressions, ($873 ad spend)
  • Sasha Digges – PEAK PT – Williamsburg, VA, 24 calls, 16 conversion actions, 765,772 impressions, ($1,132 ad spend)

You can read about even more clinic owner’s success here.

As you can see for yourself…these results are coming in from clinics from all over the world and many of these clinics are spending less than $800 to get these volume of callers looking for physical therapy online.

The true successful marketers know that they need to develop a strong online reputation and presence where they continue to get seen by their target audience in search results on the top search engines.

The physical therapy marketing success you see above from these TOP clinic owners was not done by accident. These clinic owners go beyond just seeking more patient referrals or sticking to the same old marketing plan they have been using for the last decade.

Online marketing is where savvy physical therapists can translate their marketing efforts into increased conversion rates, higher patient retention and long term success for their clinic.

How does your online marketing compare to these top PT clinic owner’s online marketing success?

Is your clinic receiving 20+ calls per month from new patients? If not, this should be a call to action for you to improve your numbers as soon as possible.

The results above are the typical results that our clients achieve month after month as a result of working with my team of Facebook and Google Experts.

If you are thinking about joining my Private Practice Marketer Team, now is really the best time to do so.

Check out more of our client’s past results here and see what results your clinic is capable of getting if you take steps to improve your online marketing with the help of my team.

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