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How Can Shifting Your Mindset From Practitioner to Marketer Change Your PT Career?

This is one of the best things Dan Kennedy ever taught me. 

It was quite interesting because I’d spent my whole physio career wanting to be the best physio. 

I spent my entire life thinking that if I was the best physical therapist, if I had the best skills, if I was the best clinician then I would be the most successful – and I came to see this guy called Dan here in Cleveland.  

Who I hoped would teach me how to be more successful and better, and that would include promoting my clinical skills and showcase to the world how good I was with my hands-on skills or my exercises. 

And the first thing Dan said to me was, “the people who make the money in business.” 

So, the marketers of the business. And you have to start thinking of yourself as a marketer of a business, not the doer of the business. 

And it was a big mental shift for me, but it was the first day that really my life started to change. I moved from somebody that spent 10 hours a day in a treatment room treating patients, to somebody that spent 10 hours a day at marketing and business trying to find patients for other people that would do the work for me.  

And I went from, let’s say 80 visits a week to 500 visits a week at one point in my clinic. 

That was all because I shifted my mind from being a physio, a good clinician, a good practitioner to somebody that was a really good marketer of that same profession. 

That was one of the best, most profound lessons that Dan taught me alongside the idea that experts are not people that do what they do. 

Experts are people that educate and that was one of the principles that I took with me for my first meeting with Dan, that I had to move from being a doer of the thing to a marketer of the thing, and secondly, that if I really wanted to be an expert, which a lot of people do in the medical healthcare profession, I had to move to be an expert who educated and I had to teach people. 

I had to help people. 

I had to teach them about what I did, why they were suffering with pain, why they still had back pain. 

Why, after 10 years of seeing a doctor, taking pills, surgery, and all of these things, why did they still have back pain? Why did they still have knee pain? 

I realized that if I became an expert in helping people at that level, that would bring people to my clinic. 

Then it just became a matter of how good I got at recruitment, and how courageous I was at hiring people and building a business, stepping back from the patient care, not relying upon me, and it was a profound day… 

Dan taught me that the marketer of the business makes the most money and ultimately experts educate.  

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