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My Trip To See Dan Kennedy – Plus, 7 Key Lessons I’ve Learned About Business In The Last 10 Years | Episode 572

A few weeks ago, I flew to spend the day with Dan Kennedy in his home in Cleveland (see that video here:

I went to Cleveland to prepare for our big event on July 8th and 9th, with Dan, and we talked openly about the future of PT (listen to the podcast here:

We’ll discuss how shifting your mindset from practitioner to marketer can change your PT career, and how you can get to a point where APPROVAL ISN’T NEEDED.

You will learn…

  • How I met Dan Kennedy
  • That approval isn’t needed
  • The importance of being the marketer of business
  • The difference between habit force vs force of habit
  • Emotional fitness
  • Why you should be positively stubborn
  • Lead generation

These are some of the best things Dan taught me, so why not join us in Cleveland on July 8th and 9th? Details here:

P.S. – watch the full travel vlog on my YouTube channel here:

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