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You could see George Clooney and Celine Dion…

The clock is ticking down to the next Big 4% Club Mastermind Meeting that is happening in Las Vegas on April 1-2.

Book your seat here:

If you HAVE booked your seat, well done.

We can’t wait to work with you AND party with you across the weekend.

If you’re bringing your team, well done.

I often hear from practice owners about the difficulties they have with getting their staff to “buy into” what they are saying when it comes to sales scripts and selling.

And yet, as soon as someone like me says it they will all of a sudden do it or pay attention.

That happens a lot. You could say it for months and they don’t listen and I say it once and they think it’s the best idea ever!

It’s the reason I encourage you to bring your team to this event.

I will do the job of getting across to them just how important answering the phone is to your business – and how to do it EFFECTIVELY.

We will have dozens and dozens of other staff members at the event, and it’s my intention to have them collaborate with each other all weekend.

I will be bringing to the stage some already very EFFECTIVE front desk guys and girls to talk about how they do things. I’ll have them share their strategies for answering the phone with the hope that YOUR front desk person is inspired enough to go back and do all of the things you’ve been wishing he or she would.

Anyways, we’re excited to see you in a few weeks…

I’m bringing lots of my staff and as well as a great weekend of learning, there’s going to be lots of fun in one of the best hotels in Las Vegas, overlooking Lake Las Vegas (You can see Celine Dion’s house and George Clooney’s too if you have the right room in the hotel…)

Please go ahead and book your seat here and as soon as you do, you will receive a booking link to reserve a discounted room.

Best wishes

Paul Gough