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“Working With Paul Gough Helped Me To Save My Business During 2020”

Matthew Riordan – Professional PT and Training – Madison, NJ

For Matthew Riordan, being part of Paul’s World helped save his clinic and his business. With the confidence to raise his rates at the back end of 2019, Professional PT and Training, based in Madison NJ, was able to come through 2020 in a strong position and ready to attack the next 12 months.

He told us: “Support has been amazing. Paul has rallied his team to provide so much value and support. It’s not only been business saving but also helped me think clearer in relationships outside of business.

“Being surrounded by great members drives me to do better.’’

Based in Madison NJ, Professional PT and Training LLC, helps people over 40 get back to an active and healthy lifestyle.

With 7 staff members, there is one fully operational clinic and one currently dormant. Having been in business for over 15 years, Matthew’s business is based in his home community, within a YMCA that he grew up going to, and worked for almost 10 years while in college and PT school.

He said: “I really did not think of it as a business – it was almost like a hobby. It was just a way for me to easily help people whom I already knew and who trusted me. I always felt weird sending them to other PTs in the area who I did not have a lot of faith in, so I figured out a way to see them here in the YMCA.

“The early success was great, with some challenges, but I never had to look that hard for patients. Reputation and word of mouth was everything, and I was – and still am – honored by that trust. Community events and seminars were easy, as we were aligned with the YMCA.

“My intention was to be a completely self[1]pay clinic: unheard of at the time, but I was very excited to set out this way. Several years in, as a favor to an existing patient, I agreed to see her parents who were Medicare patients. I found that Medicare paid more than I was charging.”

From a hobby to a real business “Over the years, I did not really pay attention to the patient mix and then found myself seeing a majority of Medicare patients at a stagnant rate. I am now actively righting that and doing pretty well with the plan.

“I realized a few years ago, only after having a staff of 7 and having expanded space, that I was actually supposed to be in charge of this 10+ year hobby! My family was relying on me more and now employee’s families were too.

“Initially, I hired by convenience, then clinical skill. I’ve learned through Paul’s books how important it is to have the right culture. Paul’s Hiring Book was great. Now that I am more aware of how to recruit, I’m happy with my culture.”

Since he encountered – and appreciated – Paul’s methods, Matthew’s story is an impressive one. There’s been growth and progress, but the manner in which he discovered Paul is a heartbreaking moment.

A life-changing time of reflection Matthew said: “In September 2018 I lost my Dad. The months leading up to that point were hard, and I felt my business was out of control whenever I stepped out of the office.

“After he passed, I took a week off but avoided thinking about the loss by working on household projects and listening to anything to drown out my thoughts: but people complaining about things that they cannot control and wanting to bitch really got me down.

“I decided to listen to something PT-related and found Jared Carter’s program. In this episode, Paul was the guest.

“He spoke of a hardship in his life and how he realized that he needed to make a change and set out to have a more stable business.

“Over that week I continued to seek interviews, podcasts or whatever Paul had put out as it resonated with me.

“Straight away, I appreciated Paul’s level of focus and confidence, although I felt he was a bit cocky! Now I appreciate it as I know his intentions are true. He tells you as he sees it.

“That was something that I had trouble with. It was refreshing to hear.

“I joined Cash Club and so into 4% Club, and there has always been this great feeling of access to reach out for help from the members of the PG team who are so talented in various ways. It’s nice to talk and share ideas with someone with similar experiences and open and willing to help.

“I began Accelerator two years ago. Our schedules were filled, but it was always repeat customers. I was feeling that we were losing a marketing war to newer clinics because we never really had to do any marketing.

“I hung on every word of that session and have listened to the CDs many times and now and listening in on the current 12 module program. It’s been money well spent.

“After that, I introduced my key team members to the PG world, sharing podcasts, Cash Club calls, and eventually I sent them, on their own, to Sales Bootcamp in December 2019.

“They came back telling me “We’ve got to raise our prices!” I saw the value of what the training and access to the PG team could not only do for me but my team too. That is when it was clear that being in 4% was going to be a huge value.”

And so to last year… The start of lockdown, Covid, and uncertainty. But a clear message from Paul set Matthew and so many others onto a firm path to come through the other side in a strong position.

While those in Paul’s World remained solid, outsiders floundered. Matthew recalled: “We were off to our best start ever in January and February 2020. On March 13, Paul had a special call and I remember him saying ‘lean into it.’ He may have also said something like, ‘this is going to be rough, but you will figure it out.’

“This was a huge boost of confidence. Many clinics in my area were just going to shut it down. But knowing that, across the world, so many owners were going to stay at the helm and steer the ship gave me the confidence to do so.

“In 2020, we did a lot of things that we would have never considered in a shorter time and fewer people than it would have taken otherwise.

“I learned how important it is to know your numbers. I learned how important it is to keep in touch with your client base: things I took for granted or didn’t practice as much as I should have before.

“Thanks to the confidence from Sales Bootcamp in December 2019 to finally raise our prices when Covid was not even a thought, we finished 2020 about even in revenue with 2019, but with fewer people and fewer expenses. The human interaction from Sales Bootcamp, as well as the confidence to raise our prices, saved my business in 2020.

“I see that how I run my business is a choice and no longer feel like the business is running me. In the name of progress, I look forward to more scrutiny by fellow business owners as I have applied to be in the CEO program. This will help me improve this business and have more confidence and a clear vision.”

A world of support and knowledge He concluded: “There’s so much value in the PG world, if you are looking to improve, not only your business but your life, it is all here. As PTs, we are always looked up to as the guide or the coach.

“It can be hard to acknowledge that we need coaching and guidance too, but being vulnerable and admitting what you don’t know will make you a better business person, leader, and person. Follow, with trust and verification, and you will get to the next level.

“If you focus on problems and not solutions you will always have the same problems. Additionally, if you focus on being better in business, you can do it. You have to learn that you own a PT business, you are not just a PT who works in your business.”

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