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What Marketing Tactics Robert Used to Become a Brick and Mortar PT Clinic

As part of the Marketing Sherpa program, Robert Berghorn is scaling the mountain.  

Ascent PT, based in Long Island, NY, is now growing into a physical location after being a mobile business.  

The dream of being based in a premises was always there, but being part of our Private Practice Marketer platform and now the Sherpa Program means Robert’s vision is being realized.  

He said: “A mobile practice, keeping my overheads low, I wanted to become to a bricks and mortar business, but not for a number of years. 

“I hoped business would be fast, but they don’t always work how you want them to so working with Paul’s team and getting through things I wasn’t doing and fixing things I was doing, but could have done better – they brought me to the moon.

Guided by Cameron and with the other Sherpas (the coaches you work with one-on-one) on hand to tap into their knowledge, Robert has reasons to be positive for what is to come as he moves into premises and starts the hiring process.  

“I’m not only pushing myself, but I’ve been taught different things I can do better: wording, ad copy, checking up on people more regularly than I was, saying things in certain ways got people to respond positively. 

“Working with Cameron, he’s not specifically been kicking my a**, but staying on top of me and making sure I’m following through with my steps – accountability is the big component and the biggest help for me. It’s about making sure the phone still rings and I’m answering them until I hire somebody. 

“In the past quarter, I’ve set up a location and about to put out an ad to hire an office admin and that’s thanks to Cam and Tiffany and the team. 

“The Online Domination Program itself was a big boost and it got the phone ringing more. On average weekly, I get another 8-10 calls a week compared to previous. The Sherpa was the cream on top, guiding my marketing plan and going into ways I would not be thinking about.” 

Ascent helps endurance athletes and active adults who are frustrated with missed workout days and fear of losing their active lifestyle get back to the activities they love. 

Robert added: “Cam is now having me do strategic partnerships with other businesses, he’s having me do the hiring ad and getting the ad out to various platforms. We are working on getting reviews and testimonials every week, it’s something I’m getting pushed further than I before and making bigger leaps than I was previously. 

“I’m doing additional things and implementing more into my marketing strategy. I’m doing things regularly than haphazardly – it’s taken up more of my time as there is only me in the business right now, but it’s also allowed me to stay busy rather than the fluctuations I was going with of being busy for a month or two and then not so busy for month as I would fall off in a marketing sense.

I continue to get pushed and learning. He helped me with Keap to continue to talk to people regularly. 

“I’ve implemented weekly emails and bi-monthly blog posts, I do my social media marketing and content creation weekly, and talk to my clients every session reminding them of the referrals to rewards campaign I’m implementing!” 

He added: “Setting up my location is taking more time than I have, and the team is helping me with that, but I’m trying to create an experience somewhere people can’t get elsewhere. 

“A lot of my clients aren’t specifically my target audience or my Perfect Patient, but we are pushing towards them and using that wording. 

“I’ve been in Sherpa for a few months now and I’m seeing a big difference. It’s worth utilizing – and it’s great value.  

“I’m in the process of opening a bricks and mortar location. I’ve always had a dream about it and how it would look and be designed.  

“It would look like a running store, then go through the back door – a bit like the movie Kingsman – where you go into a huge clinic with all these different aspects for people. Something similar is in the back of my head. That’s a wishlist kind of thing…. 

“I wanted to get this business established, but no-one saw Covid coming did they? Being a mobile business helped me as it kept overheads low and I got through it and being able to do what I had to do in lockdown or not.  

“I got comfortable in a sense, but being part of Online Domination and speaking to Paul’s team a bit more has kicked me up a couple of notches and made me go out and step things up. I was at the point where I was noticing my free time was getting smaller and smaller and my availability to clients became smaller and smaller.  

“It was something I needed to go into to generate more revenue and move the business forward which is what I’ve always wanted to do and always try to do. 

“A place was shown to me in the middle of Covid, recommended by one of my clients who recommended the place after speaking to gym owners. It’s 30 minutes away from me, not too far, but far enough. He spoke about the location and other locations available, told me the price and showed me it, but I was limited with space in that one.  

“He showed me a space closer to me in Farmingdale, a huge warehouse crossfit gym with everything I could possibly need, a room I could use and grow into. But I stalled on it. They were shut down that week with Covid and I didn’t know what to do – was it the right thing to do?

Now 18 months later after being showed around it… my wife was telling me to get a place, Cameron was telling me to get a place, my Mom was telling me, patients were telling me….  

“It is a big step and I called up and asked if it was still available and it was. I asked for another look with the gym manager and we spoke for an hour, about different things and business and what I planned on doing in the space. She is a big educator to so we can team up at some point. I signed up and now I’m set to move in. 

“There’s a lot of things to consider, a nerve-wracking step. I’ve had the location a month and saw a few people in there without being officially open yet to get used to it and I’ve met the manager again and it’s all going in the right direction.  

“I was at Mastermind recently and this was my second event. The first one was in March and I learned and listened, but once things turned off I was still at home with my family and dogs and it didn’t allow me to stay in that mindset of being a business owner and thinking about what steps to take. (Check out the biggest event we’ve put on yet)

“But being there in July and being able to be around like-minded people and business owners it kept me in that frame of mind. I spoke with people I’ve always wanted to speak with, people like Stefani Crowley and we spoke for about an hour as she went from a mobile business to a bricks and mortar business.  

“There’s some stars on my list to speak to next time, people like Carrie Jose, Hoang Trang and Ryan Siefert. They are people who I want to speak to and learn from and listen to. 

The interaction with people is invaluable – it’s the cream on top being able to talk about their businesses and interact with them about what Paul is saying. Speaking to Danny Shapiro, Amber Anderson, Sasha Digges – it was great to be able to do that over food and drink. 

“I joined 4% Club and my mindset changed. I was nervous about joining, but it allowed me to listen to what Paul says and to get in front of other business owners who I want to be like – those I’ve mentioned – and it helps me push my way towards them.  

“The 4% Club… I don’t know where I would be without joining and I would not have the physical therapy clinic, not be doing Google and Facebook Ads, not be seeing as many patients as I am today and be 10 steps backwards from where I am today. 

“It’s something that has helped me in a big way.”

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