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What Derrick’s Front Desk Did to Bring in 25k Extra per Month

Photo of Derrick Hines in Front of his clinicAt our recent Mastermind event in Florida, Derrick Hines was named Business Genius.  

It’s an honor bestowed on a member who has proved to be a success, someone who has grown both personally and professionally and who has enjoyed growth as a result of being part of this thriving community. 

Derrick, of Acadiana Pain and Performance Rehab in Lafayette, LA, has implemented many of the programs and processes in Paul’s World to impressive effect.  

The Business Genius award is not handed out without it being richly deserved.  

After being named the latest recipient, Paul said of Derrick: “I get to work with you in CEO Mastermind, a 7-figure business, eye-dropping, jaw-dropping profit margins: the real deal. 

“I was blown away by Derrick’s business when he first came into CEO. I really was. Now he has evolved to get people in underneath who he can trust and train to allow him to work on the 2nd and 3rd practice or what he wants to go.

“How does he hone and develop that leadership team? That’s the natural evolution for Derrick.” 

DH: “One of the big things implemented in the last 6 months is the selling in a vacuum idea. We are running a lot of different programs in our office, such as how we increase our lifetime value and the way we are getting that out to our patients is starting to change.

“We are running more webinars, live Q&As, private podcasts for our patients and that gives us a way to explain the advance services to increase that daily spend. 

“It makes them tell their friends they are not getting just the normal stuff. Shifting that mindset to selling in a vacuum idea – let’s sell a personalized package just to you – is big.

“We have seen some increases in lifetime value in people coming back and saying that they heard you are also offering this information and that program and you solved my shoulder pain, but your email that told me about the dangers of inflammation shows how serious it is – and I can relate to that so I want to sign up for that program.  

“If they don’t say that we tell them we are actually running a webinar this month on changing things naturally then they sign up for the webinar from the free report and they are now in Infusionsoft. It really has grown out a lot more.” 

PG: “You mentioned selling in a vacuum, it’s possible to sell and people don’t know it’s going on. In our world some of you won’t know about some of the products and services on purpose.

“Someone will come in and say you have to tell everyone about everything. But no, it is a case of this group of people need to know about this thing, but we can’t tell them about, for example, Business Growth School until they have the book first.

“We can’t tell people about Mastermind until they know BGS as someone will not go from nothing to this higher level of business. 

“For example over the last 2 weeks some were getting emails about BGS, but other people were getting an email about this Mastermind event because they had done BGS or Accelerator. This person was getting a different message and email than others.

“As business grows you have to manage this complexity. You need a team and a communication that markets to the front end, to someone who doesn’t know me who is very different to someone who has been a patient.

“My marketing message to Mr Smith who doesn’t know me is very different to the Mr Smith who is a patient.  

“Now you are getting more strategic and selling in a vacuum. One person is being spoken to and sold in one way and this person is the other.” 

DH: “One big mindset in my thinking is who-not-now. And our CEO group will appreciate this. I’m a problem solver. It can be your problem.  

“I’ve been in 4% Club for about 18 months and I’m enjoying the process. I joined because I was at a point of running myself ragged or having to make some changes, that’s been the evolution. 

“Over the last 12 months, it’s been crazy times for everyone. After the New Orleans Mastermind Event (March 2020) we shifted direction and shut the earth I guess.

“We could take 2 roads – sit here and take the money or take the long-term view to see what would make it a better functioning and more profitable business for the long run. 

“In 5 years when I look back, most of the things in place now were put in place in the last 12 months: some of it because of the time we had. I was dragging my feet along as I had too many patients to see but I realized I needed to step back and look at it all, or I would never get out of it. 

“We have implemented scoreboards, set up funnels, done leadership training, but the biggest thing is shifting my focus from 45 hours a week seeing patients and spending 15 hours a week on the business.  

“We have grown 30 percent, which is fairly significant from where we were at, with me stepping back 50 percent and there’s a plan in place to pull that back even more over the next 3 months.

“This is about having conversations with Paul’s coaching team and the Progress Group. I know what has happened in the last 12 months will see us stronger long-term.  

“We have implemented a number of different strategies but the biggest thing is that if you aren’t getting big on scorecards then you are missing the chance to have some higher level conversations with your staff.  

“As we were doing it, we realized the conversations were about checking boxes and we would get back 10 minutes of our conversation. We have now changed that to say what the measurables are relating to the actions.

“It’s a living process.

“It’s been big for my sanity to know I’m not the puppet master moving all the strings.  

“We do them every other week and it makes me feel much better about stepping back and stepping out. You know all the metrics and where the hiccups are.  

“Leadership training and being intentional about it has been a big thing. I think 18 months ago we were at 16-18 staff, hovering around 22-23 right now, and even though we have added staff our revenue is up 40+ percent and I’m really proud of that and getting more out of the staff.

“We didn’t need more staff, but we have gotten more out of what we had. We want a new PT, and that’s so I can stop seeing patients.  

“Our marketing strategy – and this may seem ridiculous! – but our front office said they wanted to change our intake questionnaire.Quote Graphic

“We asked what other health issues have you dealt with, then listed all of our programs as answers to that question: inflammation, mobility, weight loss, athletic recovery… we listed them all.  

“And based on the answers, they go back with an email saying that after eval we talked about it and decided this was best for you.

“They told us what they want, then we give them the offer. They are here for care: Hey you told us about your mobility issues, but you are also interested in weight loss, so here is our weight loss program. 

“It seems so simple, but implementing that brings us in probably $25k a month 

“Being part of this coaching program, I would say don’t worry about it: Paul has it and will keep marketing it until you take the bait and then tell you how he got you to so you can repeat that! 

“I know very few successful very businesses which got somewhere without great mentors and coaches and outside conversations, but it’s tough to see it from our vantage point.

“Every major business owner who is successful has done some version or coaching or had a great mentor and here we are with Paul.” 

By hiring a business coach (like Paul and his team), it challenges you and your way of thinking resulting in pushing your business to the next level. It helps you never be comfortable.

Cheers to you and your success!

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