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What You Need to Do to Up Your Game in 2023 If Your Practice Still Isn’t Growing

What to Do if Your Practice Isn't Growing
Maureen O’Keefe, Purple Mountain PT

Opening a new PT practice in the middle of a pandemic may appear to be a different sort of plan.

With the extended 12-week New Patient Accelerator Program at hand, success has followed for Maureen O’Keefe.

Based in Grand Rapids, MI, Purple Mountain PT opened in July 2020. After coming through the rest of the year intact, Maureen knew it was time to step up a level.

She came across Paul’s flagship marketing program and has grown month on month throughout 2021.

Maureen smiled: “I have grown, finally…. starting in February I got busy, March busier than February, April busier than March.”

Long may that rise continue and, with Maureen implementing the Accelerator modules, then there’s no reason why it won’t stay on that upward curve.

She told us: “It wasn’t the plan to open at that time last year, but an opportunity came along to rent a space and when the pandemic happened it all went on hold, but the people who had the property still wanted me to take it. It was slow to have lift off, but we have lift-off and I’m making the most of the opportunity. It’s me, one person doing everything right now and I hope that doesn’t continue to be the case.”

“It will take time to grow and hire, and I would like to hire a clinician and administrator, but for now it’s just me. I see in Paul’s World, people who have taken Accelerator who have developed and progressed and I hope to be the same.”

She added: “How did I find Paul? Well, I didn’t know who he was when I found him. He does Saturday Webinars about Accelerator and I got on one of those. I know enough about physical therapy and physical therapy marketing to be able to understand what it takes to grow.

“I spent time looking at other marketing programs and companies, but they weren’t right for me. I went with Paul who I could trust and I could see he had results with other pelvic health therapists.”

“I saw Paul’s Accelerator and knew it would give me a comprehensive way of looking at marketing and be something I could be able to implement.”

“I understood he owned multiple clinics and hustled to keep them going in England for a number of years and endured the pandemic. I understood his story and saw there was reliable experience behind his methods. He has a lot of knowledge to pass on.”

“I started the course and felt it was excellent. Modules covered just about everything from a webinar to setting up a tent at a 5k, mail campaigns, to free media exposure and that was helpful. I saw a lot of new materials and suggestions to implement and I have a lot to do and a lot to look forward to. I have so much work to do and a lot of patients to see and I have to use my time wisely.”

Maureen is an experienced PT, but has only recently branched out on her own. Accelerator will be of some importance as she implements the modules and the processes involved.

She added: “I have been a physical therapist for over 25 years and I used to run a very busy physical therapy orthopedic clinic and we had a marketing program. I understand marketing is a constant thing; it needs to be done on a daily basis through multiple needs.”

“Accelerator confirmed what I already knew and brought strategy in marketing direct to the consumer, which I believe is the pathway forward for me.”

Getting a prescription from a physician is slim when you are a one[1]man show. Those physicians refer from within their own system and if they go outside then they go to others who accept insurance – and I don’t. Then even with those 2 barriers, they are likely to take the easy option and refer to the chain franchise in the city.”

“I am active now on Instagram (@purplemountainpt) which helps and on local Facebook groups which has raised my profile and brought patients.”

And now, with New Patient Accelerator course completed, the message from Maureen is clear: “There’s always room for more marketing – keep it going and don’t stop!”

“If you are a PT owning a practice, stable and not growing, then you need to up your game. Accelerator will help you do that and help you grow your mentality. The 12 modules in Accelerator gives you all the components to add to your marketing – and some ideas are free to implement. There’s a framework for you to follow and I see what other successful businesses are doing with their marketing – quarterly plans, annual plans, designing a campaign and I see so many different options to help me.”

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