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How to Make Over 20 Pieces Of Marketing Content for Your Clinic From One Blog Post

Transforming One Piece of Content into TwentyA regular question I get asked is: “Do you ever run out of content to post about for Paul Gough Physio Rooms?”

My answer is a simple one: No.

We make the most of every piece of content, repurposing and distributing it under different headlines and positioning it in slightly different ways, multiple times across our marketing spokes (reminder: spokes are all the different marketing channels and media that we use to get the awareness for a message out to the public).

Our goal is to make any of our content as effective as possible, to get as many eyeballs on it as we can.

To meet this goal, we distribute one core piece of content across one week – using different spokes, angles, words / visuals to resonate with different people. Your audience won’t see every post you make on each of your spokes, so don’t worry about boring them.

However, it’s important to always remember your ‘who’ and to make sure the message in your core content is relevant to our Perfect Patient (or target audience)!

The huge bonus you get from repurposing content is that it saves you so much time, and it stops you from scrambling around to think of adding things to distribute.

Let me explain exactly how we make 20+ pieces of content from one core piece of content…


Think of the structure of this content strategy like a reverse pyramid. We use one piece of “pillar content” (core content), analyze it, and then repurpose it into lots of smaller pieces of “micro content” that we can share across all our marketing spokes.


Long-form text or video content from which all the micro content is extracted (eg a blog post, document, or a piece of video content such as a vlog, testimonial, Q&A or interview), at PGPR, our “pillar content” is normally our weekly blog post.

Once it’s complete, we can then repurpose that pillar piece of content in various ways to get more eyeballs on it.

Blog posts rarely get read on their own – people do not remember to go onto websites every week to read new blogs – but they will read if you use the vehicle of your spokes (email, social media etc.) to distribute it to them.

Alternatively, you could start with a video for your “pillar content”.

Take a question that your patients regularly ask you in the clinic, and record a long-form video (more than 10 minutes) discussing the answer.

Once the video has been uploaded to YouTube (or whichever platform you use), you could use the content to write a blog post and create various other pieces of “micro content”.


Micro content” is effectively short-form pieces of content extracted from the “pillar content”, and made into images, videos, quotes, stories, smaller articles / posts etc.

We analyze the pillar content looking for our highlights, and then repurpose all them into lots of smaller pieces of content that can be used across our different marketing spokes.

The spokes are our vehicle to the pillar content being seen. It’s important to think about the marketing spoke / platform you are putting the micro content on before creating it.

The micro content ‘topic’ for the different spokes is the same, however the format and way you distribute the content might be slightly different.

For example, the way you would share content your Instagram newsfeed is slightly different to the way you would share on your LinkedIn newsfeed – Instagram is a photograph and video sharing platform so it’s vital that you have a strong visual to grab the attention of the user. LinkedIn users share updates about professional thoughts and tips so it’s key that both the copy and the visual are strong.

Additionally, the way you would communicate on email is different again to both of these social spokes.


Once you have your “pillar content” and “micro content” you can then distribute everything across all your marketing spokes / platforms.

The micro content is ultimately used to drive viewership to the “pillar content”, to increase visibility of your marketing spokes, and to encourage engagement on them. At PGPR we repurpose, repurpose and repurpose our content as much as possible.

Here’s how we distribute our PGPR content using ‘The Content Pyramid’ strategy:


New blog post – Each week, we write and upload a new blog to the website (with an image) – our blog posts are 1000+ words long and contain meaningful content that will resonate with our perfect patient / audience.

We wrap the blog content around a particular injury or problem, and there’s a clear call to action at the bottom of our blogs, which includes information about any clinic offers we have running / our campaign offer of the month, a link to download further information such as free report, and our clinic contact details.

The copy is also optimized for Google search, which helps drive viewership in the Google search engine from people that are not already in the PGPR world (this is called organic search).



1: Sunday email – Every week, we schedule an email in Infusionsoft to be sent out at around 9.30am on a Sunday morning.

The email content is a summary of the blog and should entice readers to click the link to read more on the website. We make it clear that if the reader relates to the content of the email, for example if they have back pain, that they’re to click the link.

The front desk team at PGPR are then able to make GAS calls to the “email clickers” to see how they are and if they’d like any help (with an offer).

The Sunday email should have a strong subject line, pull out key headlines from the blog and include a clear call to action.

We sometimes include an image or video, and this email is also a great opportunity to include any exclusive email offers.


2: Social media posts – Daily, sometimes more than once a day, we repurpose our content and post manually on our active social media channels.

Right now, this includes Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

We break the pillar content down into short videos from our staff or patients talking about it, photographs of our staff and patients, related 5-star reviews, and create branded graphics and quote cards that pull out key headlines.

We prepare smaller pieces of copy (pulling copy from the pillar content) to go alongside all of these pieces of micro content.

We mix this weekly content together with any other events and updates that happen during the week in the clinic.

For example, patient success stories, staff moments of the week and new 5 star reviews. Here’s a breakdown of the features we’re currently using on our social spokes (we’re always watching out for new features and expanding on these):


As well as posting on the grid, we also post content on Reels, IGTV, Stories, and on the Guide feature (this is a great recent addition where you can repurpose your content and make a mini blog / newsletter).


We create posts for the main newsfeed, our story, and we go live on the feed for competitions. We also post content in local Facebook pages (however, we do not post in these as frequently as daily).


We upload more lengthily and meaningful posts, and write articles (we repurpose content here and make a mini blog / newsletter that links off to our website).


 We upload all our videos on the platform and make sure they are indexed correctly for SEO, with the correct title and hash tags.

Listing these social media pages on your website will help drive traffic and keep patients informed. An easy way to stay organized with each piece of content and platform is with an editorial calendar. 

3: Google My Business – Every week, we use the ‘post’ feature on this platform to share that we have uploaded a new blog.

This post is a snappier version of our pillar content and entices leads to visit our website or contact the clinic directly.

Regularly updating this platform can be very powerful, especially as more and more people are now searching for physio services in their local area, so it’s important that your business listing stays fresh and stands out against your competition.


4: Local newspaper column – Every week, we write around 450 words for the health / fitness column in a local newspaper, where we provide ‘expert’ health advice to readers.

Again, we use a shortened version of our pillar content, with a good call to active that entices people to visit our website or contact the clinic directly.


5: The Healthy Habit Community Newsletter email– Every week, we create and schedule a roundup email in Infusionsoft, to be sent out at around 12pm on a Wednesday afternoon.

Our patients say they love this new email, and we’ve experienced some amazing results already!

In this newsletter, we repurpose all our “best bits” of content from the week and create a summary for our email readers – including “micro content” best bits, as well as anything else exciting that has happened in the clinic that week.

The newsletter includes weekly sections for new team video, patient success story, new blog post, staff moment of the week, review of the week, clinic offer.


6: Various other spokes – We have the option to push out in a press release to the local media, include in a direct mail campaign, continue to promote on ps. messages on any other related blog posts and email campaigns that we create, and we can include details on our street board and in-clinic notice boards.

Alongside all of this micro content distributed on our spokes, we also have our ongoing marketing activities running like our internal referral marketing campaigns, our Google ads campaigns, our Facebook marketing advertising, newspapers adverts, and the front desk team are making weekly GAS calls to clients that we’ve not seen for 6/12 months etc.

All of these additional activities complement our weekly and monthly content pyramid strategy.


Developing a marketing plan using these different types of content will help current and potential patients build trust and education as they view your content more frequently. Creating content and social media marketing has never been so easy!

Content Pyramid for Repurposed Content


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