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Top 6 Google Hacks for PT Practices

Ranking at the top of Google is the best way for your PT clinic to get noticed by potential patients.

If you hope to stay on top of digital marketing trends, make sure to optimize your blog posts to show google and other search engines what people search for.

Here are some tips and tricks you should use to improve the organic search results for your physical therapy clinic.

1. Make a Google My Business Account and Collect Reviews

Does your clinic currently have a Google MyBusiness account? If not, this is a huge area of opportunity to help people in your area find your clinic’s location.

The information in your Google MyBusiness profile will help your potential patients find important information about your clinic such as your contact information, phone number and your location on google maps.

If you include your clinic’s address, your clinic will appear on Google Maps. Did you know that google maps results appear before organic pages? This is a huge way to get your clinic to appear higher on the web page than your competition.

Your Google MyBusiness profile essentially serves as free advertising for your clinic. You can include images of your clinic and staff as well as a description of what you have to offer, providing a snapshot of what your perfect patient would experience were they to choose you for their physical therapist.

Once you have created your Google MyBusiness profile, make sure that you are collecting Google reviews from your patients. Google MyBusiness provides a link or QR code that you can send to your patients to give you 5-star reviews. And make sure you take the time to provide a response to their review!

2. Answer the Questions Your Perfect Patient is Searching For

Use Google to find commonly searched phrases or questions about physical therapy that are actively being searched for in your area.

Type in common phrases that you think your patients might want an answer to such as “how to help with back pain.” Then look at the section in Google that says “people also ask” and “related searches” to find keywords and searches that people are typing into Google in your area. Any of these could become the subject/title of your next blog post.

Developing your marketing campaigns, blog posts, and social media off of what people are actively searching for in your area boosts your content so that it will rank higher in organic search.

3. Use Keywords in your Blog Posts to Improve your SEO

SEO or search engine optimization helps enhance your website so that the content is more Google-friendly. Having strong and successful SEO means that your website or blog posts will appear at a high rank in the Google search results for relevant search terms that your patients are typing into search engines.

Your goal should be to be in the top 5 results Google chooses to show to your perfect patients when they are seeking the care that you provide. The best way to do this is by creating paid Google Ads for your clinic.

But you can also increase your article’s rank by improving the SEO information.

One way to do this is by including top keywords on your webpages. Keywords are the phrases that people typically type into Google to find search results to the queries they are looking for.

You will want to add as many of these keywords to the copy (text) of your blog post or webpage as possible so that you article will rank higher in Google Organic search results.

You can try to use paid sites or programs that offer keyword-tracking software or you can join our Private Practice Marketer Program. As a member of Sherpa program within Private Practice Marketer, we will provide you with the top keywords that you should include on your webpages in order to rank highly in organic searches on Google.

4. Write An Engaging SEO Title and Description

What is an SEO Title and Description?

The SEO Title and Description are what show up as a Google search result when someone types in a keyword into Google. This important information lets the web searcher know whether or not your article contains the information they are looking for.

The SEO Title and Description are both limited in character count so it is important to be precise and consider how to include the relevant information your patients are looking for and how they could benefit from reading your blog post.

5. Optimize Your URLs

The URL is the web address that your type into the search bar in order to access a website.

Make sure that your URLs are short and concise, optimally containing some of the keywords from the title of your article.

Avoid using URLs that contain a lot of random numbers or letters as it will not help google to rank your article based on the relevant content it contains.

6. Ensure Your Site is Mobile Friendly

The majority of web users do so over their mobile phones.

However, almost every web developer designs a company web page using a desktop or laptop computer.

Make sure that your website is user friendly regardless of the way that the viewer is accessing it. Almost every web builder offers the option to edit the site to make it more user friendly for mobile devices.

Make sure that you test your webpages before publishing them to make sure that your patients can access all the content and buttons from the mobile version of your site.


If you follow these six tips, you should be able to optimize your Organic Google search results and improve your website’s ranking in Google search.

It can be difficult and time consuming to enhance your site for Google and other search engines to show your content to your perfect patients. If you find that you need help with the process or want an expert to do it for you so you can focus on what you do best – treating your patients – you can learn more about the Private Practice Marketer Program for Physical Therapists who want to improve the Online Marketing for their clinic.


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