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After Being Stuck For 18 Years, Todd Followed This Process To Streamline Recruitment For His PT Clinic

Todd Houghton – Houghton Physical Therapy and Sports Conditioning – Attleborough, MA

Todd Houghton has only been part of our 4% Club for a matter of months – but the difference in his outlook and business has been spectacular.

Based in Attleborough, MA, Houghton Physical Therapy has been established for 18 years. But Todd’s problem, he admits, was that he had the SAME business 18 times over!

Now he’s got a solid business, with a great reputation that is ready to hit new heights. He said: “Over the years I was looking for a business coach after having a PT business for 18 years.

“I hear Paul and Simon talking about someone having the same business 18 times, year by year – and that’s me.

“It’s repeating the same thing time and time again. I have a good business, well thought of, but I wasn’t growing.”

So that is when Paul came into the business equation. “The stars aligned,” said Todd, who has a positive and enthusiastic outlook now he knows his business will grow and expand after becoming engrained in Planet Paul.

“I see a really good uptick, moving in a positive direction: more staff, with myself moving back away from treatment so I can fill a role as a CEO.”

Paul Gough? Who IS this guy?

And so his story begins: “I had been looking for help with the business, the financial aspect and how to grow. I reached out to a couple of consultants and I hired and I wasn’t getting what I needed.

“Four years ago I got a personal development coach and I see the value in coaching and being accountable.

“During that time, a year or so ago, through Covid I was talking to her about it and I wanted a business coach – my coach is fantastic, but I wanted more. So I put the feelers out and came across Paul Gough – who IS this guy? I reached out and asked my coach and she knew of a client who had someone called Paul Gough as a coach… I asked for more, she told me he was really good and I said that was who I found – the stars are aligning!

“I looked at the courses and saw a webinar and it looked pretty good and I sent it to my office manager. I was in Florida and I really liked what Paul had to say.

“I was jiving with him – he was funny, articulate, and real. My office manager texted me and we were both watching it. It was awesome. I was signing up…. we need something.”

As he progressed through Accelerator, seeing the benefits of implementing a positive marketing campaign, Todd’s next step was to move to the next level and sign up for the 4% Club.

I Needed Coaching To Hit The Next Level

He admitted: “We did Accelerator weekly, then we got towards the end and I said to my coach I needed to get to know this guy and he needed to get to know me – somehow I needed to get in a room with him. We had to get connected as I had such a good feeling. They spoke of the 4% Club and I decided on the spot it was what I was looking for.

“Why I joined? I wanted coaching for myself, but I had that business 18 times over… I needed coaching for my team too. I wanted to know about finances and business development but I didn’t want to recreate the wheel. I needed to get to the next level.

“I had policies and procedures what were maybe outdated and maybe not even in place. I wanted that information and materials he could offer.

“Paul is straight-talking, very different. The big thing for me is that he is real – everything about Paul is real. The way he talks and articulates I feel it all makes sense to me.

“It’s simple and easy to do – let’s keep it simple and it sticks with me. “He was the guy I needed. Then to find out people like Simon, Barry, Laura, Rebecca …. I could go on and all the staff is there to offer help and advice.”

A Community To Grow And Inspire

And now Todd is making sure all he can soak in from his own calls, courses, and meetings is passed on to his own staff to help them become better too. Everyone wins!

He said: “I feel we do a lot of things well in the office, but I am really dedicated to growth both personally and professionally and I know this is the greatest team we have had in the office. I want to give them the tools to grow too.

“I never thought about the recruitment processhiring and onboarding and training. I went with my gut and it felt good. But it has to be specific and I know Paul is my guy for knowledge.

“Having this whole community is amazing – not just for me but the team too.

“The front desk through to the physios, they can all get the same level of support.”

Todd is on a whole new journey with his business, one he is enthused about. Every aspect of the 4% Club has been embraced and, while he is new to the program, he is also looking forward to passing on his knowledge and experience in business to others as part of a positive community.

He added: “My Progress Group calls are invaluable. There are different levels in there, people who have been in forever, new people, experienced, big business, smaller business and I feel I can add value for my experiences too. I am helping others and I can get help too.

“What’s the most important piece? They all are! I underestimated how important the community aspect of this is.

“Stephanie Wylie was on the call and it was like a personal coaching call! Simon sat there smiling and let her go and I know I will be on one call like that to help someone. It’s important for me to grow to help others.”

Now I Know How To Recruit

Paul’s principles when it comes to hiring have been adopted by Todd and he admitted: “I would say a huge thing is recruitmenthiring, onboarding, training, we are streamlining that. Asking the questions and putting them in a document we can share with each other.

What is the onboarding process like? Expectations for the job. We are saving time with processes that are proven to work. Learning to onboard with the right tools. Tools for me and my staff to develop.

“We have staff on calls with Barry, Simon and my team can see the picture of where this is moving forward. It’s not just down to me to do that, it’s down to everyone.

“I’ve read Paul’s new book – oh my goodness! I read the first half, then re-read it and I want to get through it all now and I’m on with it. It’s amazing. It really is.

“Recruitment has been massive for me since joining 4% Club. We now know what we are looking for. We took time, hiring an office manager to figure out what we really needed.

“I looked and wondered what we needed. I’ve now looked through a different lens. Yes, I’ve done it before … but same business for 18 years!

“This has been a completely different process and the people who we interviewed actually enjoyed the process too. They were able to see we meant business and we’re serious about things.

“I see the different ideas and processes creeping in. Whatever we want to do, there are resources for us and having that database available is enormous.”

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