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The Ultimate Referral Guide: How to Develop Advocacy, Loyalty and Rewards for Supporting your Business

At the Paul Gough Physio Rooms in the U.K., we receive lots of referrals from patients every month, and the term we use for this is ‘Word Of Mouth’ referrals. 

So here is how to get more referrals and develop loyalty in your business.

A big percentage of the referrals at PGPR are generated / encouraged by our Referral For Rewards campaign, which is promoted on our clinic front desk and also across all our marketing spokes.  

In this feature I’m going to go into more detail about what this campaign is. 

Our goal is to generate over 50 people per month who say they were referred to us by a friend or family member.  

To do this, we’ve created a range of irresistible referral offers to reward people for supporting our business and show them how much we value them – offers that make it impossible for someone who is already coming for physio to NOT to refer someone else to come and get some help from us. 

Ideally you should have a range of referral campaigns and offers running in your clinic at any one time: this will encourage past, existing, and new patients to refer our services to their friends, family and colleagues. 

Referral for Rewards is an ‘evergreen’ internal marketing campaign – this is a term we apply to any ongoing marketing activities that are running in the background to our day-to-day activities that we are distributing across our marketing spokes.  

My Marketing Manager, Laura, is accountable for creating the offer, the materials to support the offer and the process, while the frontdesk and physio team are responsible for executing on this campaign daily. This referral process has proven most successful at our clinic.

Here’s some of the referral campaigns we use at Paul Gough Physio Rooms: 

  • Referral For Rewards competition
  • Referral letter with offer for new patients
  • Referral letter with a different offer for patients finishing their plan of care. 
  • Referral campaigns wrapped around your monthly campaign topic (slot machine) such as ‘friends and family’ month. 
  • Golden tickets and health boost vouchers that can be sent out in the post. 
  • Competitions for clinic check-ins on social – for example: check in on Facebook 10x’s for a free massage”. 

What is the PGPR Referral for Rewards competition? 

referral box exampleWe have our referral for rewards box on reception (see image),and celebrate the success of this campaign when talking to patients and through our marketing – this creates a buzz in the clinic, shows patients how much we value their support and incentivises people to refer and keep referring. 

We ask every new patient “how did you hear about us?”, and if they answer this question with “a recommendation from friends/family”, and that person is not part of any of our other referral offer campaigns, then we pop that person’s name in the box. It’s that easy to implement! 

We also add people’s names in the box that recommend us on Facebook or leave us a 5-star review – and we tell them that we have. 

We run this campaign quarterly and choose a high value prize that is related to the interests of our Perfect Patient. If you are stuck for ideas, why not ask your patients to give you some suggestions of prizes they would like to win? Add this as a poster in reception, ask on email or on social media. 


How does PGPR promote the Referral For Rewards campaign?  

We share the success of our Referral For Rewards campaign across all our marketing spokes (remember, spokes are all the different marketing channels that you can use to get the awareness for the campaign out to the public): 

  • Promoting in the clinic (framed flyer on reception, notice board, waiting area poster, and speaking to patients face-to-face, etc.)  
  • Sunday email and midweek Healthy Habit Community Newsletter 
  • P.S. messages on a blog post 
  • Social media – sharing on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube 
  • Google My Business  
  • During GAS calls 

Here’s some content ideas to share on your spokes: 

  • A member of staff adding a new entry into the referral for rewards box 
  • A patient that has just referred with a little story about what they did to be entered 
  • A member of staff talking about how amazing the offer is 
  • A countdown to the competition prize draw deadline to build interest, and then Facebook/Instagram lives while doing the draw 
  • Staff handing out the rewards to happy patients with a little story. 

Steps to deploy in your own clinic 

  1. Add a Referral For Rewards capture box to your front desk 
  2. Choose some prizes that would be appealing to your Perfect Patient and promote the competition prizes next to the box. 
  3. Promote the campaign across all your marketing spokes 
  4. Talk to your internal team weekly, to check everyone is promoting the offer in the clinic. 


Below are actual examples for referral programs that we have used in our clinic.

Now go out, set up a referral box and start getting more patients and quality leads! Be sure to use the tips in the “steps to deploy in your own clinic”.











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