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The 5 F-Factors You Need to Seal the Deal with New A-Player Hires

Today, we have a special treat for you. My head of recruitment Luke has shared his secrets when it comes to sealing the deal with high-quality recruits for the PG Team. Take this and replicate it in your own business.



So, you’ve found your A-player… what next? Well, now you’re about to switch seats and turn into the superstar salesperson that you are! And if you’re not, then read on as I’ll be going through the 5 Fs all candidates look for when making a final decision.


Before we get into it, this process starts from the very beginning and why a great communication rhythm (if you’re operating with multi-person recruitment) is essential. Through each stage, the candidate will leak information that you can use to identify which of the Fs matter most to them.


It will allow you to sit in their shoes, to care about what they care about, to think how they think and ultimately tailor your offer to suit them, before landing the superstar to take your business to the next level.


As we move into another uncertain age in the world of recessions, inflations, and who knows what else, this will become more and more crucial to landing that top talent. Because top talent knows what it is looking for and won’t settle for second best!




 The biggest point to sell and one I alluded to earlier. You know who you want, they know what they want, what they are looking for, and how they can be an A-player inside your business.

It means showing them exactly how they fit into the company vision, mission, and goals and how they can directly impact the short and long-term success. A-players want to be a part of something greater!


Something that when they walk away from work, they know they have had an impact on the success of the business. I speak from experience as this was exactly what drew me to Paul. It was clear how his vision and what I could do for his business – aligned. I remember clearly him setting out how each of his group of companies was moving forward, his plan, and how each would support the other and that’s ultimately what had me on the phone with him 15 minutes after leaving the office to accept his office before he jetted back to Florida.





Rarely will you be in a situation where this doesn’t matter. Maybe if the candidate is single and lives alone it’s not a huge factor but the majority of candidates have spouses, family members, sons and daughters and this decision has a direct impact on their lives, so you must take this into consideration: even more so given the current climate.

We talk a lot about corporate worlds and leaving them behind to join small and medium-sized businesses with limited benefits and it can be a scary time, that’s why fit is so huge, but this is just as crucial in selling the candidate. The direct impact on them can’t be forgotten, nor can it be forgotten that they aren’t the only decision maker and you must tailor it as such.


What reservations may they have? Have you ever asked the question “How does your partner feel about this?”, “Are the kids excited?”, “Do you know we have some great local amenities around the area for X Y Z to enjoy?” … It’s all part of the process and as a recruiter and business owner you must be identifying these key pieces of information to give yourself the best chance to land the No1 candidate.




Or, put in a different way, ‘Autonomy in their role to deliver success’.

No superstar wants to be micromanaged and even more so in our current society. 


That scares A LOT of business owners and it’s why a lot of businesses will falter in trying to land top-end talent. But ultimately great business owners understand that for you to succeed in business, often you have to give up control and power to those people inside your business better equipped to do the thing that you can’t. After all, you have to let them breathe and do their thing.


Your role is to inspire and not dictate over each move, to provide them with the environment to succeed, and merely interject when it is CRITICAL to do so.


I have this discussion with each new member of our team. Paul doesn’t want to know your every move, simply what you’re working on and how you’ll do it. Great off you go and achieve what you set out to do – and if you screw it up then fine! There has rarely been a problem in this world that someone wasn’t able to fix. People want the freedom to achieve great things, to be able to say I DID THAT. Let them do you, you become a leader of people and watch your business thrive!




Money is good, but often forgotten in the long term and your actions become far greater than money ever will be. You can underpay and overpay, it’s easy to do both. Ultimately, it’s a factor but not the only one. That’s why you should always try and link pay to performance that way there is no confusion when it comes to pay raises/salaries and conversations with other team members.


It’s a conversation that comes up a lot and I will always default to this level of thinking. You are paid to perform a service to a certain standard. Should you want a pay rise, great because that should mean you are performing above and beyond what is the standard that you are paid for!




The best one and one I know the majority of you are already great with. As our Employee Handbook states “You don’t need to be here, I don’t need to be here, so we may as well have some fun whilst we are it”.


Paul said this at Annual Planning, and I immediately wrote it down ready to put it in place because I can’t think of a better way to showcase exactly what we are all about. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, we drive each other forward but you best believe we’ll have fun while we are at it and that’s exactly what we showcase to our candidates.


When they come around the office, they meet the team, and they are given a first-hand view of each department and what we are each about. You have got to be doing the same, nobody wants to work for 40 hours being bored, Work is easy, life is hard so let’s showcase that to each candidate.


So there you have it: the 5 Fs to land the superstar you’re looking for!


Now you have the magic formula, you need to identify which one matters most to them and how you can showcase that you have the place for them to call home for the next 3-5 years!


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