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5 Simple, Fast-Action Marketing Ideas for Your Physiotherapy Clinic

Marketing Tips for Physical TherapistsKnow you need to market your physiotherapy clinic, but not sure where to start?

Physical therapy marketing strategies don’t need to be complicated. There are some very easy steps you can take to launch your clinic’s marketing and increase your brand awareness.

Most physical therapists know the importance of social media platforms to create an omnipresence for their private practice. They know how to edit their Google My Business account so that their business page appears on Google Maps when their potential patients complete a Google search for PT in their area.

However, what more could you be doing in your physiotherapy practice beyond social media or email marketing that makes your clinic STAND OUT from your competition?

Here are 5 easy PT marketing ideas for you to implement as part of the marketing plan for your practice if you want to boost your revenue and increase your patient retention and lifetime value.

These are PROVEN and TESTED marketing strategies that hundreds of PTs are implementing around the world.

1. Rewards for Referrals

Referrals and word of mouth recommendations are time-tested and proven ways that many private practice owners use to market their practices. It’s good to think that your treatment and service is enough for people to give you a glowing recommendation, however, sometimes your referral sources need a little extra push to think to do it.

Consider offering a monthly raffle with prizes of an iPad, Amazon Echo, a Roomba Vacuum and more each month – after pushing the prize on social media and in your weekly email newsletter.

Many PTs have reported how this helped to make word of mouth referrals more consistent as people start talking about the offer and the clinic.

Try something like “refer a friend for one entry, then you get 5 entries on their first visit, with 10 more when treatment starts.”

2. Membership Packages

If you are having trouble keeping your patients coming back for treatment – even when you KNOW they need it, consider altering your treatment options to include membership packages.

All it takes is a simple email to your patient list to gauge interest and possibly sell them into a membership program that not only guarantees that they will complete their treatment plan, it also secures their lifetime value and revenue for their term of membership.

3. Free Workshops

Run a free workshop focusing on a pain point that is popular in your area.

If your clinic is located in a city that has a large hiking community, why not host a free workshop for hikers who experience knee pain?

In the workshop you can speak about your treatment options to potential patients who have signed up and TOLD YOU that they have knee pain and are actively looking for a solution to solve it.

Nicky Edwards of Chiltern Physiotherapy in England recently ran a free workshop with an upsell to her paid online running course. She had 6 people sign up from her workshop – who paid in full no less, without any hint of a payment plan – and with a further 6 signed up since the workshop.

At the very least, a free workshop will give you a good list of leads you can target with follow-up communication about what you and your clinic have to offer.

4. Postcards to Local Residents

One of the major reasons that people aren’t coming to your clinic is because they don’t even know that your clinic exists.

How do you solve this?

Send them something to introduce yourself and let them know that your clinic is in the neighborhood.

The best way to do this is by mailing a postcard to local residents, let them know who you are and what your clinic has to offer and perhaps add some sort of introductory offer or discovery visit if they reference the post card when they sign up for an appointment.

The cost of mailing the postcards will be more than made up when you consider how much a new patient will spend on their plan of care over the course of their lifetime.

Kimberly Schwarze of Highland PT in Idaho implements this marketing strategy in her physical therapy clinic. She said that after sending out postcards to patients, 6 new patients were attracted – from an outlay of $250 for the postcards to be printed and distributed to residents around the clinic.

“We looked online and we have 5 mail routes around the clinic. We chose 1 of the 5 as a test since it was our first time… and Wow! Everyone that has called has said ‘I didn’t even know there was a clinic by my house’ or ‘My doctor let me decide where to go and I had no idea you were by my house, this is way more convenient!'”

Postcards are a cheap and easy way to let your perfect patients know that your clinic is open and ready for their business!

5. Online Workshops

Free workshops don’t need to just be in person – test out how well virtual workshops could help boost traffic to your clinic.

Perhaps your area is going in and out of lockdown – even now – and you aren’t sure whether or not your patients are comfortable attending an in-person event yet. Try hosting a free online workshop about a topic of interest that you know your perfect patients are asking for.

Having a lot of people asking about back and neck pain from sitting at their computer desk all day while working from home? Host a free webinar titled “10 Exercises to Eliminate Work-From-Home Back and Neck Pain.”

Your potential patients will thank you and beg to join a plan of care!

Carrie Jose from CJ Physical Therapy enjoyed a great return from a virtual, online back pain workshop: 110 opt-ins, 44 people showed up, 41 stayed to the end, 13 discovery visits booked, 7 evaluations booked.

Don’t underestimate the power of an online workshop to bring in new leads.


Try implementing some of these easy, ready to use marketing strategies to take your clinic to the next level. If you’ve been STUCK on what to do next, then get UNSTUCK with these proven-to-be-successful marketing strategies to bring in prospective patients to your PT Clinic.


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