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“Session By Session” What To Expect From PPM LIVE 23

Subject: Shocking state of the PT Profession: “How to Protect Yourself from the coming Trends, Tribulations, and Turmoil”
Email sent on Tuesday, Sept 26th at 1:00pm


I’m almost finished with the official Agenda for PPM LIVE (October 19th-22nd) and although many have asked to see it, I have so far resisted making it public knowledge…

However, as we are now fast approaching the big kick off day, I thought it be good to share with you one or two of the sessions so that you can make up your mind about coming.

The main event will kick off at 9.30am on Friday October 20th with a SPECTACULAR opening ceremony like you will have never seen before.

You will want to be in your seat at 9.28am to make sure you do not miss this.

After that, I am going to launch right into the following for approximately 90 minutes:

The Shocking state of the PT Profession: “How to Protect Yourself from the coming Trends, Tribulations and Turmoil”

This sessions is ALL about data and the extensive insights I’ve gathered from your peers.

I work with 300+ closely in my consulting business, have over 5000 listeners to my podcast and an email list of 20,000+ physical therapists in private practice that I am currently mining for DATA.

I want to share with you the data points that matter and will help you understand where you are in your business (in relation to others) and make it easier to decided which decisions you need to make in 2024.

For example, here’s some of the things I am currently asking other PTs in my survey:

* What’s driving GROWTH (in revenue)

* What are the top 3 obstacles

* What are the big 3 threats to the profession as you see it…

* What are the big opportunities that your are making money from…

* What is your MOST PROFITABLE cash pay/wellness service that clients can’t stop buying…

I’m also going to find out:

* What is the AVERAGE cash pay price

* What is the average % profit (Insurance Vs Cash)

* Average revenue per STAFF (Cash vs insurance)

* Who are the most LUCRATIVE patients (is it back? or Knee?) FYI, this should GUIDE all of your marketing…

* How many leads per month on average are the “best in class” business owners getting…

* How much are the best practice owners spending on marketing and staff (as a % of revenue)

* How many total new patients VS re-activated patients…

* What are the TOP 3 marketing activities driving growth in the last twelve months…

* What is the average pay roll to revenue figures…

* What is your average cost per lead…

* What is your average cost per patient acquired (VITAL that you know this especially if you’re spending money on direct marketing)

And so much more…


As I kick off my session it is likely to be equally as “sobering” as it is “exciting”… and it’ll definitely give you a better understanding of where you are against your peers.

Are you ahead? Are you behind?

Are you charging more for your treatment, or less?

Are you spending too much on marketing? (OR not enough…)

All of these things give you LEVERAGE points, they give you an idea of where you should or COULD be.

If you haven’tbooked your seat, maybe it’s time to do so now?

We are fast approaching the biggest price rise (at 11pm EST Saturday 30th Sept)… and I know you are likely “busy” and have “stuff going on that weekend,” (etc, etc, etc) but, and for your own benefit, I am asking you to re-consider all of the excuses you’re telling yourself as to why you can’t attend.

Remember this:

“Everyone who doesn’t want you to leave to come to this event also stands to benefit from you doing so.”

Just one thing you get from this weekend…

Just one strategy…

Just one data point…

Just one connection made with another business owner who is able to help you …

Just one thing you are inspired by….

Is all you need for the people at home who you must leave to be able to BENEFIT from the fact that you did.

Note to self: you can’t get inspired or get new ideas if you are in the same environment every day.

These “one things” ALL add up and in the end as you look back at your business over a ten year period you realise it was successful not because of one big amazing thing…

…but because of lots of ONE THINGS implemented well.

Anyway, all of the details on PPM LIVE are here:

-Yes! I’m Ready To Sort Out My PT Business! I Need To Be At PPM LIVE!

If you have questions, email us at and we’ll get them answered for you.

Best wishes,

Paul Gough



Subject: Advanced Lead Generation: Why it matters to YOUR plans for growth in 2024…

Email sent on Wednesday, Sept 27th at 5:00pm

If the first session on Day 1 of PPM LIVE is about:

“How to Protect Yourself from the coming Trends, Tribulations and Turmoil”

Then the second session (at 11:30am) is a deep dive into the most important thing any PT business needs to MASTER and that is the subject of lead generation.

In the past I’ve spoken about lead generation, well, this session is taking it one STEP further and will be a look at what you might call “advanced” lead generation to take your marketing to the level that is next.

Simply, if your business is to grow, you need to lead generate…

If you want it to exist without referrals from doctors or insurance, you need to lead generate…

And you need to MASTER it.

The mistake most people make is to spend money on marketing trying to get a phone call from people “hot” and ready to spend money now.

As many people find out, it simply doesn’t work like that.

This is not what marketing is about.

The goal is *NOT* to just generate buyers “ON FIRE” to hire you.

The goal is to build a pipeline of “Getting Ready To Buy” prospects and nurture them along until they are ready to buy.

Understanding this one simple idea alone is the difference between what you’ve got NOW, and what you want in 12 months.

Even more so, if you have staff (who definitely won’t get this idea!)

During this second session (which is part 1 of 3 on Lead Generation) I’ll be talking about the different types of leads, how to know which ones to talk to and which ones to avoid…

…which OFFERS are working best right now (there’s up to 16 different offers you could run in your marketing)

… the two STAPLE offers you can’t ignore…

…help you understand whether you should charge for the offer or give it away free (and what the consequences of each are).

And so much more that I’ve never spoken about in this DEPTH.

It’s safe for me to say that if you’re looking to SCALE, or, you just want a better ROI from your current marketing spend, then this session is for YOU.


If you’re bringing STAFF with you to the event, you will love this session too…

I’ll happily tell them FOR YOU that “they can’t all be bad leads” (how many times per day do you hear that?)…

…as well as why it’s so important to follow up, why leads WANT to be followed up with and why a NO FAIL FOLLOW UP is the most important thing they can implement FOR YOU.


That’s a sneak peak of Session 2 (On day 1)…

If you still haven’t booked your seat, do that here:

-Yes! I NEED To Know How To Master Lead Generation! Sign Me Up For PPM LIVE!>

We’ve got 27 seats left at the time of writing.

If you are stuck for ideas on marketing, dare not market (for fear of losing money), want to SCALE your practice or just finally walk away from those crappy-ass doctors who ignore your requests to send referrals…

…then this is FOR YOU.

At my events I have two rules and two rules only:

1. No moaning (if you’re not happy, tell me and I’ll give you your money back)

2. Ambitions practice owners only (we want a SMALLER room of REAL, ambitious, business owners than a BIG room of people full of hype and mostly hot hair!)

Go here to book your seat:

-Yes! I NEED To Know How To Master Lead Generation! Sign Me Up For PPM LIVE!>

Best wishes,

Paul Gough



Subject: Advanced Lead Generation

Email sent on Thursday, Sept 28th at 1:00pm

This is the third email I’ve written in the “Session By Session” Your Guide To PPM LIVE – series showcasing (perhaps “teasing”) what you’re going to be getting at PPM LIVE this year.

Across the weekend I am running a THREE PART session on the subject of Advanced Lead Generation. Easily the most important thing any business that wants to be successful needs to MASTER.

In part two of “Advanced Lead Generation” I’ll be talking to you (and your team) about the importance of a NO FAIL FOLLOW UP system and how to implement it at your practice.

See, the only time you LOOSE in marketing is when you either stop following up, or the client tells you to stop.

Now, it’s very possible that they COULD tell you to stop…

But most don’t.

And even if they do, they are often very polite and will tell you they’ll call you if they need you.

(Tip: During this session I will even offer advice on what to do and say if they do say “stop” that will increase referrals and even the chance of a great review).

The REAL issue, that is the REAL cause of most people’s disappointing ROI from their marketing, is the fact that they simply stopped following up.

It’s normally the case that they call once, (max twice) and that’s it…

And if there’s ONE single improvement to be made to any business, it’s usually this.

If you want to TEST right now if you think you need to know about the “No Fail Follow Up”, just ask your team how long it is before they call a lead after it arrives…..

(Then ask, “when did I employ Pinocchio”, and tell him/her to stop lying and tell you the truth as it will at least TWICE as long than they’ve told you…)

Then really inspect how many leads have actually been called…

They really inspect how many leads have been called after 30 days…

Then really inspect how many attempts to send a message or a letter have made made….

Because the answers will ASTOUND you and if you want to know where all your money is being lost, I BET that this is where it is. Especially if you’re running ONLINE marketing and getting calls from Google/Facebook etc.

Anyway, during this session I’ll also go through the two big mistakes people make with follow up…

…and we may even listen to some calls LIVE ON AIR!

The key words for this session are as follows:

“Slow maturing buyers”


“Slow, rhythmical acquisition of new leads and patients”

Both of the above are the KEY to your marketing success and both are really easy to achieve.

If you know how, that is.


I’ll be covering all of this, and more, in session 2 on the Advanced Lead Generation 3 part keynote series.

If your growth issue is marketing…

If your issue is converting leads…

If your issue is you don’t know where to start with direct marketing…

If your issue is you’re always getting “bad leads”…

…then coming to PPM LIVE is a great decision for you to make.

Book your seat here:

-Yes! I Want To Know About Advanced Lead Generation and “No Fail Follow Up”. Sign me Up For PPM LIVE!>

Best wishes,

Paul Gough



Subject: How To Break Free From Being Small, Struggling, and Stuck (To Building A…

Email sent on Friday, Sept 29th at 1:00pm

Over the last few days I’ve been sending (“teasing”) you with some of the content you’re going to get at PPM LIVE this year.

The official agenda is not quite ready to be released, it’s locked up safely in the tower of London back in the UK, but this should serve as enough of an insight to finally persuade you to book your seat(s).

If you’ve missed the previous “teasing”, you can click here to access the LIVE BLOG which has details of all of the other sessions I’ve mentioned so far this week.

Anyway, back to todays “teasing”…

One of my favourite sessions of the weekend is going to be titled:

– Triggering The Transformation: How To Break Free From Being Small, Struggling and Stuck To Building A Profitable, Scalable (and Sale-able) PT Practice… 

I plan to teach this session on Saturday afternoon (Day 2) at 1pm…

And in this session I will dive deep into all of the reasons – of which there are many – that PT practices stay small, struggle and STUCK.

And then, after that, I’ll explain all of the things people DO to get to the opposite of that…. PROFITABLE, SALEABLE and SCALEABLE.

I’ll talk to you about the things that what I call “best in class” business owners do differently…

…what they STOPPED doing to allow them to grow…

…WHO they hire…

…how they think about their TIME…

…what decisions they make (as well as deal with RISK)…

…how they deal with set back (quickly) and even how they deal with STAFF (revolts included!) and think about TEAM building…

If you’re STUCK right now, or have genuine ambitions to one day scale – or even sale – then this is for you.

I have a feeling that for most people coming to PPM LIVE, this could be the most impactful session.

It’s the one that will give you the INSIGHT you need into what’s causing you to become stuck…

….as well as share what you need to get UNSTUCK.


It’s a Friday… and I don’t want to keep you for too long…

If you’re planning on coming to PPM LIVE, now would be a good time to do it…

It’s the final working day, of the final full week of the month.

Why is that important?

Because it’s at this time of the month we RAISE the PRICE on the tickets.

You’ve got until Saturday at 11pm EST to save $450 on a ticket…

$450, that, perhaps you could use to pay for your FLIGHT or your hotel?

Go here to book your seat(s):

-Yes! I’m Ready To Trigger The Transformation. Sign Me Up For PPM LIVE Paul !> 

Best wishes,

Paul Gough



Subject: Replay of the big PPM LIVE announcement (Plus, a story of a clinic owner who thinks geriatrics won’t pay cash…)

Email sent on Wednesday, October 4th at 4:00pm


So last night we made a massive announcement about PPM LIVE, on a live global broadcast.

If you missed it, here’s the replay to watch on YouTube:

(Click here to watch it on YouTube).

Or, you can LISTEN to it on the Podcast, here.

There are lots of reasons to listen or watch it, not least the part where I was TOLD by a clinic owner in Florida the following:

“But Paul, I want to quit insurance, but you simply can’t sell CASH pay services to the geriatric population”.

I couldn’t see her face, but I suspect when I told her “YES YOU CAN – AND I CAN PROVE IT”, she was a little taken aback.

As I explained to this lady, I’ve got TWO clients in the South Florida region and both serve the elderly population.

One charges $350 per session, and the other $400 per month JUST to be able to be in a position to pay for any other PT services they might need (that are also charged in cash!) and neither have anything to do with insurance.

(That’s what I mean when I said I can prove it and I also offered to sit this lady next to both of these owners IF she comes to PPM LIVE). That’s the first thing.

The second, most important thing to take from this little heart-warming story is just how STUCK people really are.

There this lady is, with a big insurance business, struggling along, hardly able to make a profit, thinking you CAN’T charge cash, when two people right next to her, ARE.

It shows you just what most people’s biggest problem is – all they know is all they know. If they could SEE others doing it, imagine how different their life would be?

I wonder just how many people who are reading this are doing something similar?

Perhaps you?

Sat telling yourself “I can’t (charge cash, stop needing doctors or raise prices)”…

…when someone in your town “is” (doing all three and more). I put it to you that the difference is nothing more than making a commitment to learn HOW…

It’s to stop saying, “I can’t” and instead say, “I don’t know how”. Because when you say the latter (“I don’t know how”, you can then go to someone or somewhere to find out HOW.

Somewhere like PPM LIVE, for instance.

A place that will share best strategies and practices for growing a successful PT business that is profitable outside the system…

…as well as SHOW you others doing the same thing.

Thankfully, for this clinic owner, she made the decision to come for ALL FOUR days and I can’t wait to meet her in person.

(It takes a LOT of courage to admit your model doesn’t work but commit to do something about it…)

She, along with 7 other clinic owners, made the decision to join us at PPM LIVE.

Will you?

OR, will you keep telling yourself you “can’t” or, “but Paul, my clinic is different” and all that usual stuff that keeps people STUCK (and broke)?

If you’re coming, be quick…

There are now just 11 spots left.

We’re almost at 250 (max capacity) and when we’re full, the Fire Marshall has told us we’re full, and we can’t fit any more in.

(And last year’s Fire Marshall was much bigger than me, so I am not arguing with him…)

Book your seat now, get yourself to PPM LIVE, and let’s get on with getting you unstuck and moving towards the more profitable side of running a business.

As I have said to a few people about this event,

“My only intention is to help you get rich… why are you resisting so hard?” Go here to book your seat:

-Yes! I’m DONE With Thinking About It! I’m Coming To PPM LIVE!>

Best wishes,

Paul Gough

P.S the FULL agenda is now available … that is he day-by-day, session-by-session breakdown of the full weekend, if you want it, send an email to and I’ll have it sent to you immediately.