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“With Paul’s Help I Can Focus on Being the OWNER of a Practice, Instead of Spending Huge Amounts of Time Perfecting Google Ads”

Jason Han
Jason Han, Healthfit PT

If you want to make the most of Google Ads, then use the experts. That’s how Jason Han views the situation.

For a period of up to two years, Jason, of Pasadena, CA, tried to work the system alone.

It was only when he asked Team Paul to take over his online marketing did he see the benefits of Google – and in more ways than one.

“After trying it alone, at the end of the day, I realized I didn’t have the time or knowledge to monitor it and make the necessary changes to optimize its capability,” he admitted.

“I wanted the time to focus on being the visionary for the practice instead of trying to perfect a skill such as Google Ads. Why not hand it over to people that know what they are doing and that I can TRUST to make the best decisions for me and the practice? Now, I can just look at the metrics throughout the month and make strategic decisions regarding our marketing with both the PG Team and my operations manager.’’

“Handing over Google Ads Has Made My Life A LOT Easier – I’ve Got TIME to run the business”

Jason and his wife joined Planet Paul in 2015, graduating from our Business Growth School program and he describes being a member of Mastermind as “life changing”.

He said: “We have more guidance and direction for the business and the type of life we want to create.

“I started our individual practices in 2012 renting two rooms in the back of a gym. In 2015, we rented our current space and have been here ever since! Starting with the two of us, we have now grown to a team of nine.”

As his practice has grown and flourished, Jason has been able to see the success of Google Ads. He told us: “Handing over Google Ads makes my life a lot easier. I already do not have enough time during the day as it is, so when I can set up a monthly summary call with the team, I have something to look forward to.”

“Similar to having a weekly round-up with my operations manager where we discuss Cockpit, we go over the numbers, what they are, what they mean and how to move forward to make things better. There have been ebbs and flows with our Google analytics so I really appreciate Team PG listening to my feedback and really analyzing my specific market here in the Los Angeles area.’’

Having A Constant Presence Online Keeps You Top Of Mind

Keeping a prominent profile to attract clients is important and Google Ads ensures your business is at the forefront of a patient’s mind. That’s where I see the real value of Google and Facebook.

Jason confirmed: “We definitely have more leads when it comes to phone calls and web inquiries specifically from our Google Ads and landing pages. I feel it is important to realize that it just isn’t conversions, but having a universal ‘Omnipresence’ online.

When it comes down to it, we just want to be top of mind for people searching for both our services and solutions.

“Google and Facebook ads help create that atmosphere where people just start to see you everywhere. Our online presence is even more important now in the time of a global pandemic because people are spending more and more time on the internet.’’

Jason said: “As a whole, online leads are a bit colder and harder to book than self referrals. This is what I appreciate about the Paul Gough Team when we meet and discuss results. They want me to succeed and they’re committed to doing it.

“When I felt the landing pages were not ‘warming’ them enough, we made changes to both the ads and landing pages. With the dashboard system, we can listen to each call conversion. This becomes an opportunity to better coach my front desk team on calls and how to handle harder objections while adjusting ads on the backend.”

“10-12 Good Quality Leads Every Month”

He concluded: “Our typical ad spend is about $1000 a month. The normal month is between 10-12 good leads. The best month, we got 14 leads which includes both phone calls and web inquiries and many of these turn into paying patients so the ROI is well worth it for us.

“The future is about being able to continue to monitor and tweak things as needed. Take Cockpit, it’s nice to have hard objective numbers to go by so we can make proper decisions moving forward. At the end of the day, don’t guess and be emotional when making decisions for the business.”

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