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“Our PT Clinic Hit $55K in Just Two Months Using Paul’s Online Marketing Team”

Dawn Andalon
Dawn Andalon, Level 4 PT and Wellness

Like many of the businesses and practices involved in hiring Paul Gough’s Online Domination program, Level 4 PT and Wellness, in Encinitas, San Diego County, CA, has reaped the financial

After trying to do Google Ads themselves, they soon appreciated that allowing the experts to control and conduct the output was the only way to progress.

The husband and wife owned practice helps people aged 40+ avoid painkillers and surgery. They offer ortho PT, women’s health PT with 3 pelvic floor therapists and 4 PTs. Massage, acupuncture and Pilates are a big part of the business, with contracts with Medicare and Tricare only.

“We had another business partner prior to April 2019 and he was doing the Google Ads and I was doing the Facebook Ads. Google was working, but we didn’t get as detailed as we are now after we hired Paul’s team,’’ admitted Dawn.

“We started using Google back in 2017 when we were a new business because we took Accelerator when we started out. We knew we were going to need marketing help, so we jumped right in to implement everything we learned from Paul.

“We’re not sitting, spending hours and hours trying to do it ourselves – instead we’ve got more time to run the business”

“We did Google Ads ourselves from 2017 to 2019, then decided it was time to delegate to the expert and have enjoyed great results from Google since.

“Now we don’t sit there trying on our own to modify or set up new ads – it is much better to have the expert do it! Our time is best spent actually working ON the business in other ways. We wouldn’t do it any other way unless we hired our own in-house Google specialist, which we don’t plan on doing any time soon.”

The back-up and support from Team Paul has proved a big boost for Dawn, who admitted: “We get on regular calls each month and having Tiffany and Cameron’s assistance to be the liaison between Liam and us has helped a lot for communication when we are going to make changes or updates.

“On going, the aim is to keep refining Google with Liam, Cameron and Tiffany’s assistance. It is working, so it’s not going to change much in the next few months, and we did just start a few new ads for the wellness services in the past 90 days that are converting well.

“46 leads from a $1000 spend – and each person spends $3500”

“We recently started massage and Pilates ads on top of the PT ads on Google and we booked 5 new people for massage and one new for Pilates in the past 30 days. All the massage clients booked a plan of care after their first session that equated to $750-$1000.’’

The typical monthly spend is $1000, sometimes a bit more on Google.

The best month brought in 46 Google leads and each new person spends an average of $3500 with Level4 for a plan of care for PT, $900 for massage, and $1500 for Pilates POC.

Dawn added: “We shut our office down in March and April 2020 for 8 weeks but did not stop spending money on Google, which really helped keep our momentum when we re-opened.

It does make all the difference for the person you have on the phone booking them as well as getting the leads, but we have hit $55K in the past 2 months with our cash services and Google is our primary lead source.”

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