EP 45: Piggy Bank Exercise

In the last podcast you heard me interview Mike Michalowicz about the “Profit First” System that allows you to find more profit in your business - starting today. This is the follow-on episode from the interview I did with Mike Michalowicz.

If the last episode was the theory of profit first - this is the practical application of it; you’ll hear me teaching a room full of clinic owners precisely how I DO IT, (...I only ever preach what I practice). I use this exact approach across all of my businesses - in two different countries - and it’s been one of the most impactful habits I’ve ever established.

If you’re always wondering where your money is going… or why you have none left at the end of the month… you’re always struggling with cash flow… or you find yourself never with the amount of profit in your BANK that you thought you had made - you need to get into the weekly discipline of this “Piggy Bank Exercise”.

* To get on the wait list for my June 29-30 Mastermind Event where Mike Mickalowicz is the guest speaker, please email paul@paulgough.com and register your interest.


What’s after this podcast?

1. Start with us online: join the Cash Club coaching program: www.ptprofitacademy.com/cash-club

2. Attend the next Strategic Planning Workshop - find out when it is and get registration details by sending an email to paul@paulgough.com


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