EP44: Profit First For Physical Therapists - With Mike Michalowicz


This is a very special and rare episode… it’s an interview with Mike Michalowicz - celebrity speaker and No.1 Best Selling Author of Profit First, Clockwork, Surge, The Pumpkin Plan and The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur.

Mike’s is very well known in in the small business community across the world for his “Profit First” concept - something that I adapted into ALL of my businesses right after I read his book.

In this podcast we discuss the “Profit First” concept and how physical therapists can apply it to ultimately AVOID the pitfall that many fall into in thinking that they’ll make money “someday” from their busienss. It’s easy to think you’re "playing the long game" but it shouldn’t come at the expense of never making any profit.

We discuss how to start making PROFIT right away and how the Profit First principle puts you in a better position to make better decisions about your business. Do that, and you will make more money. It’s a very simple philosophy.

Excitingly, Mike is scheduled to speak at my next 4% Club Mastermind Event on June 29-30th, 2019 in Nashville. We have a limited number of General Admission tickets available if you would like to come along for the weekend and hear Mike speak in person.

Email Paul@paulgough.com for tickets and pricing information. Be quick, just 5 seats available.

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