EP038: How To Avoid Being "Price Shopped" By Patients

The podcast is back! After an incredible summer of traveling, vacations with family, doing events and selling the New Patient Accelerator Book, all over the world, it's great to be back in the Podcast Studio to bring this episode to you...
This one is about how to avoid becoming a commodity; when patients choose you ONLY because your prices were LOW...
I've been talking to many of our now 400+ new Cash Club members and this is one of the biggest problems they're experiencing; folks NOT hiring you just because someone else was cheaper.
On this podcast I cover 8 ways that I believe you can avoid feeling like you have to compete on price - and finally move your clinic to the cream of the crop in terms of prices and profitability. If you're not converting as well, not as profitable as you would like or fed up of hearing "I'll let you know...", then this podcast is perfect for you.
If you haven't ordered the New Patient Accelerator Book yet, do that here: www.paulsmarketingbook.com and, I would appreciate your support and if you are serious about growing your clinic, please choose OPTION 2; you'll get the best bonus's and a 60-day free trial in my Cash Club Program.

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