EP037: Paul’s Marketing Book - The Amazon No.1 Best Seller - OUT NOW!

Here is the episode that so many of you have been waiting for - the announcement that my new Marketing Book is OUT NOW…


And, guess what? The book, titled: "The New Patient Accelerator Method - How I Scaled a Four Location, $1,000,000 + Cash Pay Physical Therapy Clinic - In a Place Where Healthcare is FREE (…And, In One of the Poorest Parts of the Country)… 


The book - that reveals my entire marketing system for growing and scaling a cash pay clinic - sold 1082 copies worldwide within the first 60 minutes, so a huge thank you to everyone who has already bought it…

The book covers the exact Marketing System I used to grow the Paul Gough Physio Rooms - and gives you an up-close look at the Marketing System that is being used to fuel the growth of some of the most successful cash pay clinics in the world.

It is your ESCAPE route from insurance company nightmares - or if you are a Cash Pay Clinic Owner, it shows you how to create a system for predictably attracting people happy to pay in cash!

In the book, you’ll discover:

* How to attract patients happy to pay in cash

* How to 10 X your clinic PROFIT using an easy to copy direct to public marketing system

* How to add at least $100k in cash pay revenue in the next 12 months

* Where to find cash pay patients - without needing a huge marketing budget

* And so much more…


In this episode of the Podcast I share with you some insights from the book AND, read you an entire chapter of the book to “wet your appetite” for what is to come when you buy it…

You can buy the book from:


And, if you get it from the official website (NOT AMAZON), the price is the same, but I’ll be sending you some incredible free bonuses…

When you go to www.paulsmarketingbook.com - choose purchase OPTION 2 to get the very best free BONUSES that will come with your book including my Wealth Marketing DVD program, Free Facebook Ads PDF, and two months worth of the Cash is King Publication and Coaching CD…

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