EP031: Getting Rich Is STILL Boring

This one is about recognizing that certain things in your business - things that once gave you a predictable rush of gratification or excitement - won't do that forever.

But that does not mean they are not important.

"Getting Rich Is Boring" is something that I brought to your attention in Episode 24 - it has been one of my most listened to episodes. But I am not 100% sure that everyone who listened will have taken to heart what it really means...

The problem with "Getting Rich Is Boring" is that it is easy to agree and see why it is true - but it is very difficult to live by. There's so many instances in your day-to-day life where you will be making decisions that you feel you need to make, just because the rush isn't there like it once was. The problem is - it simply can't be and nor does it need to be.

I've learned from my own business growth journey, that it is getting harder to get stimulated by the learning or teaching of which I am pursuing - and that's because the information that I need now is harder to come by.

When I first started, everything was new and exciting. Now, that is not the case. I have to work hard to force my self to attend the seminars or read the books, even though I know I might only come away with ONE thing that I need when in the past I came away with 10.

This episode is me bringing to your awareness that as you grow it gets harder to be stimulated or impressed with what you are seeing in the business growth space. It becomes very easy to over look the basic principles that made you successful in the first place and instead - because you get "bored" - set off on a journey where the primary driver of your action is the pursuit of an emotion like excitement that lasts a couple hours at best - and not the logic that you need to solve the problem in your business that pays dividends for years.

I can safely conclude that since I did Episode 24, nothing has changed - and Getting Rich is STILL Boring. Enjoy the show.

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