EP030: 14 Of My Best Lessons Learned in 2017

It is just about the end of 2017 and so I decided to spend a full day thinking and reflecting about what I had learned in 2017. I asked my self this growth question: “What do I know more about now that I did not know 12 months ago?” ...and this podcast episode is what I came up with. On this one I cover what I consider to be the most important lessons that I have learned either my self directly - or through the clients that I work with in my Mastermind program who own Physical Therapy Businesses all over the world.

You’ll hear me talk about new customer acquisition, the importance of having a plan and what it should look like, time blocking, what quality questions can do to enhance the quality of your life - plus, something called “variability evils” and why it is so important to reduce them as your business grows.

I talk about the “4% Club” - and what it takes to get in that club, the “compound effect” and how applying it has allowed me to start an Investment Company and why that gives me even more reason/motivation to make my other businesses a success. Enjoy the show...

Note: If you are interested in joining my new, revamped Mastermind Program now known as “The 4% Club”, then please go here to apply:

We are currently full, but you will be allocated a time to speak to us and placed on a wait list to join if and when a space comes available.

Thumbnail: Thats me with top Texas PT Eric Gibbs at the recent PPS conference in Chicago.

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