EP024:Getting Rich Is Boring

I recorded this episode to help you if you’ve ever suffered from the ‘emotional rollercoaster’ that comes with making big decisions in your business…

It could be hiring or firing new staff, running a marketing campaign (that doesn’t work) or committing to moving to a bigger premises that feels risky! These things are just 50/50 judgements that we make and they can often send us to the moon if we get them RIGHT - or to the floor if we get it WRONG and neither is a healthy place to live!

I figured out a few years ago how to get completely un-attached from the outcome of my decisions - good or bad - and I can tell you it was LIBERATING the day that I figured out how to do it.

If I hear a “yes” I am just as cool with it as if I hear a “no”. If I get a “win” I am not that much different from if I take a “loss”. You might think that takes some of the excitement out of running a business - but I assure you, it doesn’t!

As one of my greatest business mentors has instilled in me - “getting rich is boring” - and that means there should be no massive highs and no big lows either…

This podcast looks at why the highs and lows happen, what they mean, and how to avoid them - and crucially, how to spend more time in a stronger frame of mind - thinking more clearly and making better decisions that will bring you long-lasting business success, personal fulfilment - and piles more cash to spend 😉

Thumbnail image: Here's Jerry Durham and I hanging out in Philadelphia towards the end of the 'Business and Baseball Tour' with some of the USA's Top PT Business Owners.

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