EP022: Developing Assets, Leadership Skills And Creating The Right Company Culture

In this episode we are talking about you, your leadership skills and your company culture - as well as the importance of developing your staff as “people”.

As your business grows, new stresses arrive…

It becomes less about worrying where the new patients will come from, and more about finding and retaining the right staff.

I’ve helped countless numbers of PT Business Owners grow their business from the ground up - and the one thing they never anticipate - no matter how many times I tell them - is the amount of NEW hassle and stress that you run into when you get to the point of bringing in more staff…

I believe business success is all about creating the right environment - that if you get the culture right early on, the rest will follow. At the Paul Gough Physio Rooms we created a culture that was very easy for the right person to fit into - and equally, very difficult for the wrong person to fit into which has made it very easy for me to lead from anywhere in the world.

I look back now and realize that one of the reasons why my business withstands everything from a deep recession, “superstar staff” leaving to start their own clinics, “me” firing “me” - and even 4 pregnancies inside 6 months - is because of the culture we have created, and on this episode I’ll talk more about how to do it…

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