EP020: “10 Absolute Truths Of PT Business Success”

So there’s a LOT of “BS” out there about how PT businesses should be run - most of which usually comes from people who don’t run successful businesses (ironic!).

This profession is RIFE with “headline readers” who will fuel hear-say about what works in business - or place limits on what can be done in business - and it gets said so many times that people begin to think that it’s actually true…

This podcast directly challenges most of what many PT’s believe to be true about business success - and they are the foundational concepts that I live by at the Paul Gough Physio Rooms.

If you understand and adopt even just a couple of them - they will serve you well for making bigger, and better decisions about your business…

My job is to bring to your attention and focus - to things that need your attention and focus - and these 10 Truths will do that as well as challenge your ‘thinking’ a little - or maybe a lot?

I cover what the job of Marketing really is, what your business is NOT about, why staff are not a COST - and the 4 most costly words in any business…

Thumbnail image: Here I am with one of El Paso’s Top PT Clinic Owners, David Middaugh, before a great day of learning and talking business at one of my recent Mastermind Events in Downtown Chicago.

* We’ve just announced new dates for the Marketing Plan Workshop - take a look here if you want to join Paul at his next Marketing workshop dedicated to showing you how to create a Marketing Plan to attract cash-pay patients to your business: www.ptprofitacademy.com/profits-workshop

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