EP:019 - How To Find More Money For A Bigger Marketing Budget… (Without Having To Take A Pay-Cut Or Go Into Debt)

“I’m ‘stuck’!” That’s what one frustrated Physical Therapist told me recently who wants to see more patients at her clinic, but the problem is, she doesn't have the money to spend on Marketing to make it happen!

It’s a horrible position to be in. You don’t have the patient volume you want - and you know the solution to that is more Marketing, but you don’t have the thing that you need to be able to do it - the patients coming through the door who would give you the extra money for a bigger Marketing budget, so that you can bring even more patients through the door and so on, and so on...

It’s a positive self-fulfilling cycle that happens as you become more successful in business but the question is… “How do you get there”?

You can spend months - or even years - thinking, “when I get a few more patients, THEN I can spend more on marketing and everything will be ok”, but the patients don’t come without the Marketing - so, what do you do?…

This is such a common problem for many PT’s, that I decided to dedicate an entire episode to showing you how to find more money for a bigger Marketing budget, without taking a pay-cut or going into debt! Enjoy…

Thumbnail: Here’s a picture of me at a recent Miami meet-up with the USA’s top PT Clinic Owners, and Student Physical Therapists

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