EP:018 - The Death of Back Pain Workshops? (PLUS, introducing the TRIDENT APPROACH)

I’ve been asked this question literally “100’s” of times in the last few months - “Paul, are Back Pain Workshops dead?”…

…as in, are the old-school “Back Pain and Sciatica” Workshops still effective?…

My answer?: “I don’t think so!"

Sure, one or two lucky PT's are still able to make Workshops “work”, but on the whole, we are definitely witnessing a decline in their effectiveness, and on this Podcast we debate “the death” of the 'traditional' Workshop approach.

What’s more, I introduce you to something I call the “TRIDENT” approach which is a new, more cost effective, and safe way to acquire leads at your clinic that also lets you fill up Workshops with ease (and without paying a fortune for it…).

Why did I put this episode out?

Well, on my last tour across the Mid-West of America, floods of business owners told me they were confused/concerned - and even upset - that a once very predictable source of referrals - isn’t there any more, and many PT's are now asking me:

“Is it over for the good-old days of the Workshop?”

Now listen, I’m not saying that Workshops can’t be effective - I still “do them” at my own clinic - I just figured out a while back that the “traditional” way to fill one up was getting very expensive, very time consuming, came with a lot of risk - and results were not as good!

I worked out a NEW way to “fill-up” a Workshop - without having to spend much money on Marketing for a Workshop, and on this Podcast I introduce you to it…

The days of paying fortunes to get people to your Workshop are not needed anymore - there’s a new method in town called the “Trident Approach” and we cover it on this Episode of the Podcast…

Note: Tag me on social media @thepaulgough if you can identify where todays intro music originates from - if you are a child of the 70’s and 80’s I think you’ll know…

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