EP015: Annual Planning At Paul Gough Physio Rooms

Welcome to Episode 15 of the Podcast. In this Episode I share with you insights from my recent 3-Day Annual Planning Event.

It’s January, and I’m fresh from spending 3 entire days with my Team - Planning our success in 2017.

I’m a big believer that if you want to be successful, you’ve got to PLAN for it.

Too many people are hoping and wishing - some even praying - but there’s not much strategic planning going on and no clear path to the goals.

Of course, you need to EXECUTE on what you create during your Planning Meeting, but if you don’t have the PLAN in the first place, then you run the risk of starting out 2017 “OPTIMISTIC”, then wondering why by the end of the year you are once again, “PESSIMISTIC”.

I devoted 3 full days to this Meeting. Me and my team worked Saturday, Sunday - and all day Monday to make this happen.

Add in the fact that I allocate 10% of every working week to staff training and workshop style meetings - you can start to get a feel for how much I believe in this type of stuff…

The reason I do? Simple:

“You can only leverage two things in business”.

One is People - and the other is Systems.

And during this Annual Planning Meeting I am able to learn more about both - and how to leverage each one better to help me achieve my business goals.

In this Episode I walk you through the 3 days I spent with my team, share with you some of the questions I asked my team, and many of the answers that we collected…

The outcome of the planning event?

I’ll tell you this time next year when I check the numbers!

But I know that whatever happens in 2017, if I didn’t do this planning, the odds of me being as successful as I want to be are massively STACKED AGAINST ME.

On the flip side, sacrificing a weekend to do this gives me the best possible shot of becoming more successful.

I start the podcast with a re-cap of my last few weeks here in the clinic - and talk to you about how I was able to maintain business success DESPITE the fact that “4” of my key members of admin staff announced that they were pregnant - and all 4 within the space of 6 months!…

When you lose nearly a third of your key members of staff - all at the same time, you really do find out how solid your business is - and if indeed, you actually have a business or a highly stressful job!

Here’s some of what you’ll learn on the Podcast:

* How I get so much more done in one single day - than most people do in a month…

* How I dealt with losing 4 key members of staff - in the space of 6 months

* What goes into an Annual Planning Meeting - and the goal of each day…

* How to find out what your staff actually know about your business (and the people they serve on your behalf!)

* Does the Plan support the numbers? And, do the numbers support the 12 month plan? - here’s how you find out…

* What I believe makes the “Paul Gough Physio Rooms” so special - and how we recognised that to do more of it…

* The most important (…maybe even critical) aspect of planning for success in the 12 months ahead…

* And so much more on this Episode…

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Paul Gough.

P.S Here’s the link to the 3-Day Event that I spoke about at the end of the show - I’m hosting the “More Patients, More Profits” 3-Day Event at various locations around the world this year, Maximum 10 people per event. Check it out here then apply if you want me to work on your business with you for 3 days:

- www.ptprofitacademy.com/profits-workshop

P.P.S We also recorded ACTUAL FOOTAGE of this planning weekend and if you want to see the meeting, just head over to my Youtube Channel - The Paul Gough - where you’ll be able to find videos titled “PG Annual Planning”. Subscribe when you get there!

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