EP014:KEYNOTE: Recorded Live Inside a Top Las Vegas PT Clinic


Episode 14: KEYNOTE: Recorded Live Inside a Top Las Vegas PT Clinic

In this 14th Episode of the Physical Therapy Business School Podcast I share with you a recording of a KEYNOTE that I did for the incredible staff of “Fyzical Therapy and Balance Centres” of Las Vegas.

"RJ Williams" is the Manager of the clinic and he asked me to talk to all of the staff - admin and PT - so that they could better understand the changes that the our profession is living through - with the goal of being in a better position to take advantage of those changes.

I went deep - and spent the whole morning on the topic of how the healthcare profession is in a “world of hurt” right now and one of the reasons is because patients don’t make decisions like they used to...

Why would they?

While providers of health care think that they have been hard-done by with the changes, just image how the consumer feels at having to pay twice as much for health care coverage - and then again to actually access it...

In this Keynote, I talk candidly about why most PT clinics are suffering and I identify two specific reasons why:

1. Cost has risen - and so to *resentment* to having to pay


2. Options for “look-a-like” providers are everywhere and easier than ever to access and that leads to confusion over who to choose (…and a confused buyer, well, buys nothing).

The Keynote is titled:

“How To Help People Make Better
Decisions About Their Health”

Be sure to share it with your staff - and send it to anyone else who needs to hear it…

I believe in 2017, the PT clinics that “WIN” will be the ones who embrace the changes - who see Marketing as an extension of their ability to help people make decisions…

…and who’s staff are able to communicate with patients in such away that they are easily able to make a confident decision about PAYING for PT.

(And believe me, getting staff who can do that is easier said than done).

This Keynote is also housed on my Youtube channel if you want to WATCH it — just search for “The Paul Gough” maybe subscribe when you get there.

If you want this type of talk at your clinic - for your staff - use this link to inquire about *hiring me* to speak at your clinic:

Hire Me To Speak

Here’s the link to the 3-day Workshop that I mentioned in this Podcast.

- www.ptprofitacademy.com/profits-workshop

If you want to come and spend 3 days with me going deeper into this type of stuff, this is your chance to do it…

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