EP008: Cash PT Special: Helping People Make Better Decisions About Their Health!

Welcome to Episode 8 of the Physical Therapy Business School podcast…

…this is an episode in which I talk about how to “make sense” of the marketing process - and help cash PT’s see how they can use their marketing to help people make better decisions about their health.

I share quite openly how I compete with a completely free socialist health care system…

…and how the secret to direct marketing success in any profession, no matter what type of “clinic” you are, is NOT to advertise the fact that you’re even a PT.

Sound strange?

Well, it’s the only way that I can beat the system…

…and it's the same for you if you are a small, cash-pay OR any type of PT clinic competing against bigger hospital systems.

David beat goliath by getting smarter…

…that smarter is learning how to market to the 93% of people the big systems are neglecting.

It’s all revealed on this episode which DOES contain some strong language.

Aaron asked me a lot of great questions that raised the energy of the conversation - and as the energy rises, so does my passion for the subject matter.

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn:

* How I “out-market” the free national health care system

* How I get people to pay out of pocket - even though they can get it 100% free

* Why most PT clinic marketing fails - and what to do instead

* The opportunity that exists right now for PT clinics

And so much more in this interview with Dr.Aaron LeBauer of LeBauer PT and Consulting.

P.S Aaron LeBauer is “100k +” per year CASH PT…

…he is the founder of “LeBauer PT” in Greensboro (NC) and also created an amazing program called “The Cash PT Blueprint” - a course that guides great PT’s through the essential steps to start a successful cash PT practice without needing any previous experience (and with little money down).

You can get "The Cash PT Blueprint" here - lebauerconsulting.samcart.com/referral/T…int/108966

This is an incredible program that 100’s of PT’s have already benefitted from - check it out here if you’re thinking about starting your own practice or you just want to know how to make yours more successful:

- lebauerconsulting.samcart.com/referral/T…int/108966


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