EP006: The Unforeseen Challenges Of Growing A Business – With Dr.Jarod Carter

Welcome to Episode 6 of the “Physical Therapy Business School” Podcast…

In this Episode I get to interview Dr. Jarod Carter – founder of Carter Physiotherapy in Austin - and host of the hugely popular Cash PT Podcast.

Jarod is a someone who epitomizes what this show is all about…

…he’s a stunningly successful practitioner – his own schedule is always jam packed with clients and has been for 5 years.

He’s now changing “hats” - and is in the middle of transitioning away from being a solo-practitioner, to becoming the owner of a business where people buy into his BRAND and the people he employs at his practice - and not just his personal skills.

He’s recently employed his first staff PT – and taken on a full time front desk person – as well as dealing with the obvious issues of patients who ASK FOR and are used to seeing him, but at the same time, trying to fill up the schedule of his new PT.

We talk about how to BRIDGE the gap between paying yourself and having the money to employ your first STAFF PT…

Who is the most important first hire – front desk or staff PT?

We discuss the UNFORSEEN challenges of growing a business…

…why you should be careful for what you wish for on your website…

…as well as tips for becoming a PRACTICE people are happy to visit – rather than a clinician everyone wants to see.

It’s all coming up on the Show…

Here’s some of what you’ll learn on the show and when:

- Who is Dr.Jarod Carter? And why he’s UNIQUELY qualified to offer advice on transitioning to a successful business owner (2:50)

- The single biggest difference between being a "successful solo practitioner” - and successful business owner.. (11:17)

- The pains and struggles of competing with a free national health care service in the UK - and how I overcame feeling ‘stuck’ not being able to grow my business any further (19:00)

- How to make a plan of action that’ll let you have enough money to hire your first staff member... (27:00)

- Why what you say on your website about how good you are, could be costing you a fortune! (33:27)

- How to “embrace” the entrepreneurial journey that every business owner is on - and use it to overcome inevitable obstacles that’ll get in the way!… (38:30)

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