EP003: The Opportunities Hidden Inside A SLOW Growing PT Clinic…

In this Episode I interview one of the biggest and most famous names in the US Physical Therapy community…

…”Jerry Durham” (of San Francisco Sport and Spine PT) joins me on the show after we just spent two days together in “Detroit”.

Specifically, we spent two days “masterminding” and “strategizing” with a client of mine “Oliver Patalinghug” (of Restore PT, in Rochester Hills) and on the call we discuss some of the most important things we learned from our trip...

This episode is devoted to helping you - the owner of a small PT clinic - to find the “hidden” opportunities that already exist within your practice.

This episode is perfect if your practice isn’t growing as fast as you would like it too - and you’re looking for other ways to gain an advantage while you figure out your marketing systems…

We talk about everything from “building bridges” for patients to make it easier for them to do choose you over your competition…

…why the first call is likely to be the most important interaction your patients will ever have, how it stops drop-offs and even eases “co-pay” or “OON” cost fears…

…we talk getting the right staff on the bus - and give you Jerry’s top tips for success in private practice.

Jerry is someone I admire a lot - largely because of his dedication to the “customer experience” movement that is sweeping across our profession (at last!)…

…and largely because he is someone who epitomizes what this podcast is all about: he’s a great physical therapist who has become a highly successful business owner - and so his insights are invaluable if that’s the direction that you’re headed towards.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn on this Episode:

  • Why Jerry is uniquely qualified to give you this advice in the first place...  (2:14)
  • Who should you hire first - a receptionist or a physiotherapist? That depends, but here's our answer... (5:50)
  • What to look for - and ask - when hiring new staff... (9:40)
  • It's aaaaaaall about the long game - here's how to create loyal customers that love your clinic saying great things about your business to everyone they know (15:15)
  • The big problems with advertising "Free Consultations" - and what to do instead! (20:05)
  • What you can learn from the dating industry about "picking up new patients"... (29:40)

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