EP002: The new patient “flatline” - the single most common reason most clinics get STUCK when trying to grow…

In this episode we talk about the “FLATLINE”…

…the single most common reason why so many clinics get STUCK when trying to grow.

We’ve all been there…

…we open the doors on our clinics and we get those first few referrals from word of mouth recommendations, friends and family - perhaps the local doctor sends you some of his patients and for the first two years, everything is looking good.

The database and patient numbers are growing nicely…

Then all of a sudden, you get STUCK.

And no matter what you do - or how hard you try - those numbers don’t seem to want to budge.

If anything, there’s more “dips” than peaks but mainly, there’s just a flat line.

Visits average out at 25 per week - sometimes it’s 23, sometimes it’s 27 or 28.

But no matter how hard you try - how many people you get in front of - you can’t get that those 45-50 visits per week you’re looking for.

Those numbers could ‘flatline’ at “150” visits per week - sometimes dipping to “135”, sometimes rising to “160”.

But, never at the “250” mark you really want.

Want to know why?

It’s all revealed on this Episode where I explain why this “Flatline” happens to nearly all businesses - and why most businesses experience this ‘flatline’ for 20 years or more.

There’s a really simple explanation for it - and an even simpler way to avoid it.

My own business suffered from it back in 2013 - until I figured all this out and we were able to take the Paul Gough Physio Rooms and grow it by 400% in 13 months.

Essentially we went from 100 visits per week - to 500, in little over a year.

Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn on Episode 2:

  • “Operators get tired, business owners get wealthy” - why it’s important to not let the business run you... (2:22)
  • How to successfully market your practice - and why it’s NOT about your logo or how great your PT skills are... (4:50)
  • How to get over a patient ‘flatline’, and reach the number of visits you really want (6:50)
  • The best way to switch your marketing to grow your clinic and reap the rewards (12:00)
  • How to build a reliable, strong and welcoming bridge between you and your potential clients who are currently skeptical (15:40)
  • How to avoid a "dog-fight" with all the other PT’s in your town and go after the people who need what you do - but just don't know you exist yet...(18:45)

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