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How To FINALLY Sort Out Your Website, Social Media, & Online Marketing – In One Simple Step | Episode 564

In this one I ask the question: Is It TIME?! Is it time that you got serious about and stopped dabbling with marketing, and finally sorted out your online marketing, social media, and got a website that finally DOES something so you can bring in more high-value, cash-pay patients?

Referrals from doctors severely limit you to insurance patients and if you’re wanting to find more cash pay, you have to be online when they look. Even if you are fully insurance, is it time to add 10-20% of your revenue in cash pay? There’s at least 14 different things you can and should consider about your online marketing and all are discussed on this podcast.

*All of the details of the new service I mentioned are here: … go the website, watch the video presentation I made for you and then fill out the form and book a call with a member of the CMO team. when you do, we’ll also send in the mail a PACK with all of the information on CMO included.

And, the new expert website example that we’re building and giving away free as part of the CMO program, is here:

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