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“I Had No Intention Of Starting A Physio Clinic… Then I Listen To Paul’s Podcast And The Rest Is History – The Will Harlow Story” | Episode 620

In this one, I interview the amazing Will Harlow. To say that Will is one of the most successful physios I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with is an understatement.

Will first listened to this Podcast 8 years ago when he was a student… he had no intention of starting his own business but then everything changed when he was told by his manager in the NHS that he’d have to wait SEVEN years for a promotion.

He came back to his podcast and the Paul Gough Mastermind community to help him grow his business, hire staff, raise his prices. Alongside that, he’s grown his YouTube channel to over 750,000, sold the rights to his book to one of the biggest publishing companies in the world, and now receives invites to speak all across the world.

Turn this one up VERY loud and listen VERY carefully. If you want proof that hard work pays off and that running a successful, profitable physio clinic in the UK IS possible, this is the podcast you need to listen to.

*Will started his journey with me at one of my London events. the next chance to do that is June 7-8-9 at PPM LIVE in London.

See you there?

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