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Avoid The Biggest Mistake That All SUCCESSFUL Physio Clinic Owners Are Tempted To Make! – Dave Mott’s Story (UK Physio) | Episode 618

In this one I talk to the amazing Dave Mott who grew his physio clinic from 1 person to 16 in less than 8 years. He’s moved his clinic (in Bournemouth, UK) from being wholly reliant upon him, to patients happy to see his other 8 therapists. In this one we talk about the big decisions he’s made, the lessons he’s learned, and why he LOST a fortune on the back of a decision that happened as a result of his success.

Plus, be sure to listen to the end to find out about Dave’s GOLD Packages that are being sold in his clinic and involve more than 50 sessions. This is an amazing podcast with a GREAT business owner that is not to be missed. If you’re trying to grow past just you and maybe one or two staff, this is your BLUEPRINT for doing so.

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