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“Everyone Has A Plan – Until The Head Physio Quits On The Day Of Annual Planning (Interview with Chris Stankiewicz, of Leicestershire, UK)” | Episode 616

In this one I talk candidly with Chris Stankiewicz, a real TITAN of the UK Sports Injury and Physiotherapy Community. Chris started his business in 2016 – inspired by this Podcast (true story) – and has grown one of the most successful clinics in the UK.

In this podcast we spoke about how Chris achieved his success, the lessons he’s learned since starting, solving the PEOPLE challenge, the second business he started with his WIFE…

…what he did when his head therapist QUIT on the morning of annual planning…

…why so many clinic owners in the UK struggle to grow past themselves, as well as the PRESSURE he was under that forced him to make a success of the business.

It’s an amazing episode with an amazing clinic owner. Turn us up nice and loud and listen carefully – there’s LOTS of great stuff on this one for you to learn from.

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