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Success Panel: 6 Members of Planet Paul Share Their Inspiring Stories of Success | Episode 581

In this one, I share with you my favorite part of all our mastermind events – the member success panel.

6 members share tips and strategies that are working for each one, as well as their journey and the problems they’ve faced, including ways my team and I have been able to help them overcome such obstacles.

Reasons to listen to this one?

Find out how one member has built a “DONE FOR YOU YOGA” program (yes you read that right – done for you YOGA), as well as how one member from Texas has added nearly $20k per month in stretch therapy revenue to their practice.

There’s also a big discussion on how each of these members has GROWN PERSONALLY as well as financially.

Turn me up nice and loud as you listen to this one and prepare to be inspired…

Your next opportunity to be part of the Planet Paul community LIVE and in person is at PPM LIVE in Orlando, October 19-22.

More details soon

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