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Interview with Dan Kennedy: What Does The Future of PT Look Like (If You’re Still Stuck Inside Insurance & Doctor Referrals) | Episode 567

In this one, I sit down with the world’s No.1 Marketing Expert Dan Kennedy in his office, at his home in Cleveland.

I flew there for the day to prepare for our big event together and we talk openly about the future of PT… How PTs have become a “second class citizen” in health care … and the “Darwinian consolidation” that PTs need to be aware of where the big hospital systems are trying to buy out the small independents (and make it impossible for those left to compete).

This takeover is real, it’s happening all across the country and it’s a huge threat to small independent practices like yours.

We talk about the strategy you need to adopt if you want to avoid being “swallowed up” and be one of the remaining “independent and successful” PT Practices as well as why even if others lower their prices, or accept lower reimbursements, you CAN NOT do the same thing for the SAKE OF YOUR PATIENTS, your staff, and your SANITY.

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A big reason to watch it as well as listen? You’ll get to see inside Dan’s famous basement, where he conducts all of his meetings, writes his books, and meets with clients.

The 2-day Mastermind with Dan takes place in Cleveland on July 8-9th. Book your seat here:

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