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“How Do You Manage Work Life Balance While Growing the Business?” | Episode 556

In this one, I answer an all-too-common question of how you juggle your commitments to your family and your business – and your own sanity – and with it destroy the idea that what you need is more rigid routines or more rules in your life. The key to a terrific life is NOT more of either despite what most (usually unhappy) people tell you.

Remember that most of us don’t really want a better “work-life balance”, what we really want is to feel better about ourselves no matter who we are with or where we are at. To achieve that, you have to think and behave differently from most of the “life balance” stuff piddled in the typical books or podcasts and so this podcast might go against everything you’ve previously heard on this subject.

Turn me up nice and loud to hear my take on “work-life balance” and how I think about it.

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