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“You May Have One Leg Bigger Than The Other” – How NOT to Answer The Phone | Episode 553

In this one, I replay a call I made to a PT clinic LIVE on stage (in front of 150 owners) to test how badly people really do answer the phone…

This PT didn’t disappoint… from telling me I had a leg length discrepancy to scaring me into thinking I had problems with my shoulders linked to my parents, all of this happened on the phone, and yet not once did he bother to ASK my name… and oh yeah, this guy only wanted to charge me $75 per session… you HAVE to listen to this one…

Note: most PT Practice owners are losing most of their money in the way the phone is handled. If it’s not effective, it is costing you a lot of money and you may want to consider coming to work with me in Las Vegas on April 1-2 to fix it. We will cover all of the major problematic sales and conversion situations in your business.

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