"Meet me in Las Vegas April 1-2? (I promise to show you how to make loads of money, NOT lose it)" | Episode 550

In this one I talk about the finer details of the upcoming Meeting I am hosting in Las Vegas on April 1-2.

If you would like to come, simply complete this form and a member of my Team will reach out to you within a few hours: www.paulgough.com/guest

The meeting is titled:

“Effective Telephone Techniques and In Clinic Sales Strategies for Fast Growing Physical Therapy Practices”

Across the two days we will cover:

•     How to get your staff comfortable with the idea of selling in a tight economy

•     How to transition patients to other PTs (including new grads)

•     How to fill up a new PT schedule – even if you are MILES ahead of them clinically

•     Dealing with cancels and drop offs (…plaguing EVERY practice since COVID)

•     Encouraging patients to complete a plan of care (…in less than 30 days to boost your cash flow)

•     Upsells and progressions to other products, programs and plans of care – when to start the conversations and how to bring it up

•     How to tell current patient you are dropping their insurance or don’t take it anymore…

•     And so much more…

If you're at all interested in coming, start by filling out an APPLICATION to be my VIP guest at the event:


See you in Las Vegas! 🙂


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