"Is Your Front Desk Lazy In Their Sales Process?" | Episode 549

If you've ever hired (or tried to hire another PT), you'll know only too well the challenge of trying to "persuade" a patient to see someone else.

If you pushed me, I think it's probably the place most get stuck when trying to grow.

They'll hire someone and then end up STILL seeing all of the patients themselves.

There's a very keen, hungry and desperate to succeed PT on the payroll but that person is only seeing about 5-10 patients a week despite the best efforts of the owner to hand over existing patients.

The owner of the business is now paying someone probably more than $80k per year and yet is STILL as busy as ever but is now also making LESS money?

This is a very common scenario - so much so that I've decided to dedicate the next meeting of my Mastermind Program to creating an effective SALES PLAYBOOK to make growth easier.

To book a seat as a VIP Guest click here- www.paulgough.com/guest

The meeting is an invite only, 2-day event taking place in Las Vegas on April 1-2 and here's just some of what we will be covering:

• How to get your staff comfortable with the idea of selling in a tight economy
• How to transition patients to other PTs (including new grads)
• How to fill up a new PT schedule – even if you are MILES ahead of them clinically
• Dealing with cancels and drop offs (…plaguing EVERY practice since COVID)
• Encouraging patients to complete a plan of care (…in less than 30 days to boost your cash flow)
• Up-sells and progressions to other products, programs and plans of care – when to start the conversations and how to bring it up
• How to tell current patient you are dropping their insurance or don’t take it anymore…
• And so much more…

Apply here if you would like to attend- www.paulgough.com/guest

When you do attend, you will get the No Bulls**t, politically incorrect TRUTH about precisely how to sell in health care (…And Add $10,000’s To Your Monthly Revenue) while your competitors struggle, moan and probably go out of business during the economic chaos of 2023…

Join us in Las Vegas by booking at the link below.



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