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“Empathy: The Catalyst You Never Knew You Needed” | Episode 544

There’s so so much more in business than a bottom line.

Yea, of course, your immediate thought is… profit margins, KPIs, and revenue…

But when you build a business, you are bringing PEOPLE into your world.

Real people with lives which are full of hardships, sickness, marriage, etc.

These big and little moments.

And they’ve CHOSEN you to be a part of their lives, even if it’s in a small way…

Business is so much more than revenue.

It’s about changing the lives (for the better) of the people around you.If you focus on leaving people better than you found them, in a genuine, selfless, and empathic way. Make them feel not just heard… but listened to.

You do that……watch the way your team changes, your culture changes, and everything else will follow.

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