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“As a Business Owner, This Pisses Me Off” | Episode 542

In this episode, we are talking “KPI’s” – and more specifically, how I can get my staff more aware of what I want to us to achieve – and how each one of the KPI’s I have set, is actually effected…

Nothing pisses me off more as a business owner than being told that something wasn’t done that was supposed to be days or weeks ago.

It is one thing to know your numbers in business – it is another to know what INFLUENCES how they appear. Basic cause and effect.

The NUMBER you look at, that is the EFFECT. But the magic is understanding what CAUSES the number to appear as it does. As in, what is the driver or the activity that has occurred in the business that month to give you the number or percentage you are looking at.

Most of the success in hitting your numbers is simply down to consistently and repeatedly raising your staffs AWARENESS of them. That’s why at the Paul Gough Physio Rooms I have recently made each member off staff responsible for one of our KPIS…

It doesn’t mean it is their fault if we don’t hit the target – it just means it is their job to bring everyone’s attention to it each Monday morning at 10am.

I spend so much of my time away from the business these days that I am looking more towards protecting what I have got – than constantly thinking about growth. Better said, I am focused more on “optimising to protect from a down-turn” – than I am constantly “optimising for growth and scale”. Much of that mindset is covered on this episode!

Listen to this episode to find out how raising the AWARENESS of my staff helps me hit my numbers consistently.

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