"Get Possible Before Getting Perfect: CEO Series with Beth Templin" | Episode 522

Today, we're talking to the amazing Beth Templin about how she grew her home health business to $1,000,000, in less than five years.

Beth was a finalist in our Ultimate CEO competition at PPM LIVE. At the end of her presentation, I had dozens of people telling me they "want to be like Beth". She's a VERY inspiring lady.

Over the 50-minute podcast, I quiz Beth on...

  • What she's learned about hiring 15 people in one year
  • Stepping out of treatment
  • Developing her leadership team
  • Getting going without being ready to get going
  • What she learned from Daymond John and James Lawrence.

Listen to the very end to hear our discussion about the importance of updating your self-image. Enjoy the show.

Full details of the 2-day finance workshop can be found at: www.paulgough.com/finance

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