"Busting Through the Three "VALLEYS of DEATH" with Ultimate CEO Winner Derrick Hines" | Episode 521

In this one, I interview our 2022 Ultimate CEO Winner, Derrick Hines of Lafayette, Louisiana. Derrick was the winner of the competition we held at PPM LIVE to find the "top gun" of practice owners from the global Planet Paul community. Derrick has built a $2.5m+ practice that makes very good profit margins, and he's dropped his clinical hours in half in the last year. He's a worthy winner of the U-CEO crown!

But it wasn't always gravy for Derrick! In this interview, we talk about
- How Derrick learned harsh lessons by NOT focusing on profitability,
- How an unexpected $80k tax bill landed on his door and what he did about it
- WHEN and how to hire better people...
- How to think like an investor, the importance of structure and communication
- As well the 5 strengths Derrick needs to build a successful business.

It's an incredibly insightful interview and no matter what stage of the journey you are on as a Practice Owner, there's something for everyone. Turn-us-up nice and loud, and enjoy the show.

Details on how to access Infusionsoft/KEAP
demo: www.paulgough.com/infusionsoft

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