"Success Panel: 6 More PT Practice Owners Share Their Success Secrets" | Episode 507

In today's podcast, I bring you 6 more clinic owners from around the United States and UK at our most recent Mastermind Event in Clearwater Beach, FL.

There is so much that you can take away from these stories as the clinic owners recount their journey from rags to riches and all the bumps along the way

If you've thought about joining this group of Mastermind Members, this panel includes 6 of our active members (and their partners/spouses) who are currently in the 4% club.

With the help of Paul Gough's Team, they have been smashing their records, reducing their clinical hours, getting better quality leads, raising their revenue, learning how to better market themselves, and so much more!

They all speak on how the 4% Club launched their PT businesses into instant success, and why the program is well worth the investment.
If you're interested in joining Paul's Mastermind Program, click here for more information and to get started with increasing your PT clinic's profits.

Turn me up nice and loud and enjoy this glimpse into what one of my favorite sessions from the Mastermind Events look like. Enjoy


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